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Q Cloth eliminates abrasive cleaning and sanding of pool cues. It also eliminates messy powders. The Q Cloth keeps your pool cue shaft clean. The Q cloth also cleans and shines Formica, wood and glass. Q Cloth is washable making it reusable and is convenient enough to care in your cue case. This is a great addition with your Q Wax. Cloth measures 12 inch x 9 1/2 inch
PRICE: $6.95 $4.87
Product ID : KQC
Product ID: KQC
Shaft Care Type: Slicker

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought

Q cloth

I like this product. It's a large cloth. and it's gentle on the shafts....
I've ordered extras for my friends...
It shows different colors available. It's one big cloth to a pack. The ones I've received eere green.. The color doesn't matter to me at all.. It performs well... It c was just that one of my teammates wanted a purple one for her case. Inexpensive as they are I'lll be getting a couple more with my next order from Seyberts...
By the way... The customer service Seyberts provides is unequaled.. They Rock... Thanks Seyberts..
Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought

great cloth

Cut mine up into 4 pieces and have one in my bag, some for around the table or shop. work very nicely for cleaning shafts or pool balls. Use to apply sealer and wax on shafts.
Reviewed by tarenray
tarenray bought


Great for inbetween matches so it doesnt grime up on a long day of shooting
Reviewed by nickhodge
nickhodge bought

Nice cloth for cleaning

I use it with Silk Klean SILKW, it cleans the shaft perfectly! The cloth itself is washable, so really nice.
Reviewed by Mnstrmatt117

Great Cleaning Tool

For the price this is a must have. It's large enough that it's easy to use while being small enough to easily fit in your case. I use this in a few different steps to clean my shafts and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a shaft cleaning cloth.
Reviewed by CParker82
CParker82 bought

Nifty piece of shaft care to have!

I love the size of this cleaning cloth as it fits perfectly in my case's accessory pocket and doesn't take up much space. It definitely comes in handy and it serves its purpose well!
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought

Nice cloth

Is decent sized as stated below and should do the job nicely.. Also came a day earlier than expected
Reviewed by zakwanzaini
zakwanzaini bought

love the size

Its big enough that i can cut it into pieces and use each of it for different cleaning shaft solutions
Reviewed by tankmanjones
tankmanjones bought

Simple and does the job

I like the size, Its not so huge that It takes up a ton of space in my case but Its big enough that it makes it very easy to use. Seems well made.
Reviewed by r3reinholt
r3reinholt bought

great cloth

This is a great cloth to keep you stick slick and clean through the night of use. takes the gim off that comes off your hands. Cant beat it for the price

"Great prices Even better customer service Fast shipping I love my lucasi. Will definitely be buying from them again. "

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