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McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers

McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers
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McDermott's McMagic is the ultimate shaft conditioning system. It contains no messy creams or lotions and is washable and reusable. The McDermott's McMagic allows you to have the smoothest shaft you've ever felt.
Product ID : 75-0125
Product ID: 75-0125
Shaft Care Type: Burnishing

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Directions: For best results the shaft should be void of nicks cuts, dirt, and grease. If necessary, wipe the shaft with a soft cloth to remove excess dirt. Which sheet you begin with will depend on how rough the shaft is. For very rough shafts, begin with the green sheet. For shafts that have been recently polished, begin with the yellow or blue sheet. Cradle each sheet around the shaft and stroke using a circular twisting motion. Avoid creating excess heat through friction. Use each sheet until effect of previous sheet is eliminated, then proceed to the next color. To clean the sheets, wipe with a damp cloth. Soap may be used, however, do not machine wash. It is not necessary to use entire series each time. Grades: Green= Fine, Yellow= Extra Fine Blue= Super fine, Brown= Ultra Fine.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Luttrell28
Luttrell28 bought
"McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers"

Smoother shaft than Ron Jermey

These work as advertised and will continue to keep using in my shaft cleaning process. Make sure you use under low friction because it will damage the paper from being used again. This was mentioned in the description but can be easily over looked. Great product
Reviewed by nickhodge
nickhodge bought
"McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers"

Nice product

Easy to use on shafts, produce really nice results. After buffing, the shaft is so much smoother and feels like new again! There are 4 wipes with different grits
Reviewed by CParker82
CParker82 bought
"McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers"

Definitely a must have!

By far this is one of the easiest and durable ways to maintain a smooth, clean shaft for a really good price! Works perfectly for taking chalk grime off and repairing small dings in your shaft. I love the fact that the sheets are reusable and easy to maintain!
Reviewed by bought
"McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers"

cant say if i like this or not

its a nice product for minor cleaning but it feels like the starting sheets are too fine to get lets say chalk off you shaft, for minor cleaning they seem to do fine but anything more then that they dont seem to be too effective
Reviewed by P00L

Long Lasting, Working Product

I don't know how or why it is but every few weeks I seem to have "mystery" dings on my shaft and I've used these fine grit sheets with success to return it to as new condition. I've easily used them 15-20 times, not always needing the roughest grit, and they're only now showing wear and I'll consider replacing soon. Two things, they're obviously not for "deep" dings, and start with a clean shaft so as not to plug up the grit before getting to the ding.
Reviewed by tsuha96
tsuha96 bought
"McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers"


I used this on two of my three shafts since my other shaft is a predator and I don't want to void the warranty. (Even if this isn't really harsh sand paper) These papers made my 2 shafts feel like they were completely new and thats saying something compared to how they were before. After I smoothed out one shaft, I washed the papers off; dried them, and then used them on the other shaft. Worked just as good as the pre-wash (which was the first time using the papers I.E New) Would definitely buy again if these papers are damaged in the future
Reviewed by rackam

Great product and easy to use/reuse ...

Read the simple instructions for best results.

Make sure to monitor your "progress" with the blue sheets so that once you've removed the dark colored grime from the shaft and start to see some light/maple colored residue you can move on to the green sheets and then the yellow ones for that final process. You don't want to sand down the shaft itself.

Be sure to properly burnish the shaft with leather pad after using these sheets to close the pores in the wood to keep chalk and body oils from building up.

These sheets from McD are slightly larger than the Nick's Edge sheets and thus offer more surface areas to pick up the grime.

However, I"m a big fan of Nick Varner and use his version anyway ;)


"The new cuetec synergy 15K One word AWSOME LONG SMOOTH TAPER GREAT FEEL. Great deflection ratio Just a perfect shaft "

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