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Master Velvet Glide Cone Talc

Master Velvet Glide Cone Talc
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MASTER Velvet Glide Cone Talc is perfect for those who like to be able to take care of a perspiring hands quickly! Simply rub your hand up and down the cone for easy application. (1 piece)
PRICE: $7.07 $4.95
Product ID : 150T
Product ID: 150T
Shaft Care Type: Hand Products

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Reviewed by soundwave

So so

Most pool rooms have done away with cone talc, so it's becoming a rarity. One big drawback with talc is that after a while, the talc starts to cake on your hand and make your hand sticky, which defeats the purpose of hand powder.

Baby powder does a better job at keeping your hand dry, and is easier to clean off. Many stores (like Target & Walmart) sell small bottles of baby powder, and those are the better choices. I only use talc if I forget to bring my own. Still, if you want your home game room to have that nostalgic look, this can be a cool addition.

"Just placed my third order from Seyberts. During my research for my next playing cue there were many questions I had and each time I reached out either by phone or email I received an answer that made my decision easier. Ask lots of questions and give them a price range and they do not try to up sell you. Items came when promised. Highly recomme..."

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