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Cue Silk

Cue Silk
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Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30 applications per quarter-ounce bottle.
PRICE: $5.64 $3.95
Product ID : SKCS
Product ID: SKCS
Shaft Care Type: Slicker

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Directions: Apply 4 to 5 drops on a paper towel then buff your pool cue shaft for 30 seconds.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by twentyforteen
twentyforteen bought
"Cue Silk"

excellent stuff

I've been conditioning my cues with this for years
Reviewed by Bruiser
Bruiser bought
"Cue Silk"


This stuff is super slick! Best to put this on with your cue assembled to keep the shaft from slipping out of your hands. Price seems high for the small amount you get, but it doesn't take much product to treat a shaft.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Cue Silk"

The best

This stuff really makes the cue feel great, smooth as can be, especially after a light sanding and wax addition. Used as a final step in cleaning up the cue and buffing with a Q Cloth, your cue will be in first-rate shape. Highly recommend.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Cue Silk"


This stuff makes the shaft teflon slippery. It's just a shame they don't sell it in massive bottles as I get through a bottle fairly quickly
Reviewed by Kuyooo
Kuyooo bought
"Cue Silk"

Aweome stuff

Loved using this product when I first used it to clean my playing cue. Glad to have it and gives aa loving, smooth touch that makes the cue feel amazing
Reviewed by nkush27
nkush27 bought
"Cue Silk"


I use this every time right before a big match or tournament. It works great and leaves my cues silky smooth! And Seyberts has it for an incredible price! Its always great to have a few extra bottles on hand so I always have some.
Reviewed by Mnstrmatt117

Silky Smooth Polish

One of the best polishes on the market. I use this on all of my cues as a final step to cleaning. It leaves my shaft silky smooth and very shiney. The bottle is small enough to easily fit in your case. I strongly recommend you try this product.
Reviewed by ShadowedXistence

best thing ever

I use this with cue kleen, a q-wiz pad, and porpers burnishing pad... first i use the q-wiz, both sides... then clean with the cue kleen, then i use the burnishing pad, and finally the cue silk... slickest shaft I have ever used, and ALL chalk is removed... absolutely love this stuff!

"Thank you so much for your prompt reply's I wouldn't hesitate for one second to refer anyone who loves pool to check out your site. Thanks"

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