Pool Cue Shaft Care

We offer a variety of cue and shaft cleaning products to help keep your cue looking and feeling like new. Highly recommended RX Cue Doctor products and Q Clean Care Kits save you time and money!
Cloth Cue Shaft Slicker
Item - A174
Cue cloth slicker removes dirt and oil from your pool cue shaft. Just slip...
$3.98 $2.99
Cue Candy Large Talc Hand Powder Bag
Item - ULTRA
Hot Deal
Cue Candy hand talc powder bag. this powder bag measures 3 3/4" long x 2 1/2"...
$3.75 $2.25
Cue Cube Nylon / Leather Shaft Slicker
Item - 91104
Cue Cube nylon and leather pool cue shaft slicker. The nylon side of the...
$9.95 $8.95
Last 4 Ever Leather Burnisher
Item - LB
Last 4 Ever 3 1/8" round brown leather burnisher.  The suede side for...
$6.95 $5.56
McDermott Brown Leather Burnisher
Item - 75-_0111_BR
McDermott Brown leather cue shaft burnisher is a great addition to any pool...
$4.50 $4.50
McMagic Micro Burnishing Papers
Item - McMagic
McDermott's McMagic is the ultimate shaft conditioning system. It contains no...
$9.50 $9.50
Porper Shaft Polisher
Item - 7575
Double-sided suede pad polishes and burnishes pool cue shafts.
$6.50 $4.95
Item - KQC
Q Cloth eliminates abrasive cleaning and sanding of pool cues. It also...
$6.95 $4.87
Item - QW10
QWiz- Qwiz shaft conditioning pad is a great product for smoothing and...
$8.95 $5.95
Tiger Leather Burnisher
Item - LBUR
Why burnish your cue with Tiger's leather burnisher? The purpose of...
$4.95 $4.21
Tiger Shaft Smoother
Item - TSSB
Tiger shaft smoother and burnisher smoothes and cleans the shaft faster and...
$9.95 $8.46
Cue Silk
Item - SKCS
Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30...
$5.64 $3.95
Cue Silk 2oz
Item - SKCS2
2 oz Cue Silk pool shaft conditioner. Leaves your cue's shaft smooth; 30...
$16.95 $13.56
Predator REVO Shaft Cleaning Towelettes
Predator REVO shaft cleaning towelettes. Safely and quickly clean your...
$25.00 $25.00
Q Glide
Item - QG10
Q Glide achieves that friction free, super gliding surface the professional...
$6.50 $5.95
Q Wax
Item - KS29
The original cue care! Q Wax is specifically formulated with the finest...
$6.95 $4.87
Silkleen 1oz. Dry
Item - SILKD
Silkleen Dry Formula. Cleaner will leave your shaft looking like new with...
$6.64 $4.99
Silkleen 1oz. Wet
Item - SILKW
Silkleen instant shaft and ferrule cleaner; contains no bleach or other...
$11.95 $8.96
Silky Hand 2oz. Spray
Item - SILKH
Silky Hand Leaves player's hands dry and smooth and eliminates need for messy...
$11.81 $9.45
Steady Eddys Stick Tonic Glove Alternative
Steady Eddy's Cue Tonic is a spray which is applies to the shaft to keep the...
$24.95 $20.00
9 Ball Hand Towel
Item - HT209
The 9 ball hand towel is a terry cloth towel great for wiping down your pool...
$6.95 $4.52
OB Players Towel
OB black towel. This towel measures 6 3/4" x 13 1/2" and has OB logo across...
$11.75 $9.99
Tiger Liquid Burnisher 4oz.
Item - LLB4
The Tiger 4oz liquid burnisher is specifically made to burnish the sides of...
$12.95 $11.01
Master Velvet Glide Cone Talc
Item - 150T
MASTER Velvet Glide Cone Talc is perfect for those who like to be able to...
$7.07 $4.95
Master Velvet Glide Cone Talc (6)
Item - 150T6
MASTER Velvet Glide Cone Talc is perfect for those who like to be able to...
$42.42 $27.57
Predator Towel
The Predator Billiards Towel is black with embroidered Predator logo in...
$15.00 $13.50
Seybert's Towel With Logo
Item - seytowel
The Seybert's billiard black towel. This towel is made of 100% cotton with a...
$7.95 $3.98
Solid Black Towel With Seyberts Tag
Solid black towel with Seyberts.com tag. This towel measure 13 1/2" long 6...
$7.95 $5.57
What Our Customers Have To Say
"Sid, Jerry Schuryk and I want to thank you for the special attention you gave our order. Jerry ordered the shafts on Thursday, and now, shortly after noon on Friday, I have them in my hand! We were impressed! Please extend our thanks to all those in your company that were involved. You now have two loyal customers! Thanks again, Steve Lancea"

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