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Q Claw 5 Pool Cue Holder

Q Claw 5 Pool Cue Holder
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The Q-Claw pool cue holder is unlike other pool cue holders; instead of clipping to a table Q-Claw is weighted allowing it to rest on any surface. With Q Claw there are not stiff clips to scratch or ding your expensive pool cue. Q Claw pool cue holder is a fantastic addition to you pool cue case. Measures 7 1/2"L x 3 1/2W
PRICE: $25.95 $20.76
Product ID : QCLAW5
Product ID: QCLAW5
# Of Cue Slots: 5 Cue Holder
Color Options: Avaliable
Securing Method: Weight / Gravity

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by mglasco092907

Excellent Cue Holder.

I actually have the 3 space but due to a discontinue issue, I will review this one. I have used the 5 space extensively. It's heavy enough to withstand most bumps and movements that bar room dining tables are known to have. It's also nice that you don't have to trust a clamp, all you have to do is place it on the edge of a table and there you go. I love my Q-Claw and take it everywhere I go.
Reviewed by [email protected]

Q Claw

Good peice of eqpt, doesn't need clamping to anything the weight is perfect for holding all your cues no problem.
Reviewed by str8schuter


No matter how many cues you carry, you need a Q-Claw. And if you have the space in your case you should carry a 5-space Q-Claw.
• Carry a slip-on bridge? You need at least a 3-space Q-Claw (Player, Break, and Bridge). But a bridge really crowds out a 3-space Q-Claw - why not give the bridge the space it needs?
• 5-space Q-claw has more heft to keep it in place on the table/bar.
• It's a nice gesture to share your Q-claw with your friend (or opponent)

Q-Claw - there is no substitute.

"Truly professional people, amazing selection, unbeatable prices, 100% on point customer service. I don't trust easily and I trust this outfit. -Bought an expensive cue and wanted it changed like a week after I ordered it. No problem, they took care of it and it came earlier than the original delivery estimate. -One time they forgot something..."

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