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Balance Rite Pool Cue Extension

Professional Cue Extension
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The Balance Rite Extension for Players, Lucasi, or Dufferin cues. Extension come with replacement push in style butt bumper with center hole to connect extension to cue. This extension is 11 inches long and only work on push in style butt bumper cues not cues with butt bumper that have the center screw. Must have weight bolt with center screw for this extension to work.
PRICE: $75.89 $68.30
Product ID : BRRR
Product ID: BRRR

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  • Instantly extends the length of your cue
  • Works with all cue weights
  • For use on Lucasi Custom, Lucasi Hybrid, Players, Players Pure X, Players Flirt and Dufferin brand cues
  • Light weight
  • Small enough to fit in your case pocket
  • Fully removable
  • Fits behind your cue's butt for maximum rear balance
  • Screws on and off in seconds
  • Eliminates the need for a bridge or separate oversized shaft
  • Gives tall people a more natural feeling stroke and short people the length they need for all situations


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pokagon07

Love this extension.

I brought my cue to the store just to confirm that this extension would fit my cue. It did and got home and started practicing with it. I could definitely see the advantage over a bridge. Higly recommend.
Reviewed by sharp4045
sharp4045 bought
"Balance Rite Pool Cue Extension"

Lucasi extension

Fits well into both of my cues. Wish it was only 6-8 inches but can’t complain.
Reviewed by ectorgarcia
ectorgarcia bought
"Balance Rite Pool Cue Extension"

Great Extension

This worked fine for my Lucasi so I ordered a second for the wife. It takes a little more to screw in that some other extensions I have seen but you have limited options with a Lucasi. I would buy again and recommend to anyone who needs one.
Reviewed by prjct7
prjct7 bought
"Balance Rite Pool Cue Extension"

Awesome extension at an awesome price

This was the only extension I could find for my lucasi cue and it's actually really good. I have a small complain tho: I felt some shavings come off when I unscrewed it from my butt. I'm not sure if those are wood flakes coming off of the butt due to the surface area where the extension and cue meet but I really really hope it's not damaging my butt in anyway.

Another complain I have is that the extension doesn't screw in perfectly straight into the butt. There's a bit of crookedness but it's not too big of a deal. Overall all, I recommend this forsure.
Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Balance Rite Pool Cue Extension"

Easy to use with my Lucasi cue

If you have a Lucasi, Players (and presumably Pure-X) cue, and want an extension to use only as needed, vs full time extension, you will really like this gizmo. I can attach/detach this extension during matches in a matter of seconds. The 11 inch length is great, too. I even find it helpful for certain long awkward shots, using it when using a mechanical bridge stick.
One word of advice: If you own two or more compatible cues, remember to order additional cue butt bumper adapters for each additional cue. One is included, but the extras are cheap, so get one for every compatible cue that you may use it with.

"Thank you again for all of your help! You have been wonderful. Because of your excellent customer service, I will use seyberts for all of our "pool" needs in the future. I will also recommend the site to my family and friends. Thanks again, Hope santa is good to you, Have a great holiday! "

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