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Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead

Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead
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Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead is a removable bridge that can slide onto any pool cue. This bridge is one of the most popular bridges on the market today and offers you nine different positions to choose from.
PRICE: $4.95 $2.97
Product ID : BHMH
Product ID: BHMH

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead

This is a great bridge! With nine different cueing options, you will, 99% of the time, be able to find just the right one. I don't have any problems with it being loose like others have stated. Just make sure you use a 13mm ferruled cue and it will be plenty stable. The small size allows it to fit in most cases.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

Attaches easily

Very good attachment with lots of heights to choose from. Attaches firmly to a shaft with no slippage. The slightly pointed ends provide a firm base on the table. Needs to be placed into position more than slid when getting set for the shot.
Reviewed by dkhopson
dkhopson bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

Just buy it already.

I primarily play APA league at smaller bars with crappy pool equipment like cheap metal bridge cues, if there is even one to be found. I just purchased a $500 Predator Sneaky Pete Cue. There is no way I am sliding my new boo over that thing. For $3, I can ensure not to get any grooves or gouges. Cheap insurance. I stick it on my break cue, when needed. One of the best accessories you can buy.
Reviewed by JackSparrow
JackSparrow bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

Happier Pool Team

My team was getting frustrated having to locate a bar bridge whenever they needed one. Got this and everyone is happy. Its way gentler on your play cue than a metal bar bridge. Fits easily into a medium sized cue case pocket and gives you multiple angle choices. it does almost fit too snug on 13mm shafts.
Reviewed by juliagee
juliagee bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

scratched/marked the cloth

this product is a useful shape, but it somehow marked the new felt on my table.

The mark is not very noticeable - probably caused by a sharp bit of edge not well finished. I'll never use it again.

Reviewed by photoboy2005
photoboy2005 bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

I don't understand..

I don't understand why there are any other kinds of bridge's made. This works great. You can get just about any angle you will ever need on any size table. For the price, it is simply unbeatable.
Reviewed by shaan_0745
shaan_0745 bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"


very classic product for any experienced player to have in their case. Quality is good and for the price paid it will be hard to find anything this well priced.

Would recommend, gets the job done and slips on and off ferrule easily.
Reviewed by zmuirbrook

Inexpensive and effective.

Not much to say about this. It gets the job done and is pretty cheap. I don't use it a lot though. It is easier to grab a pool hall bridge than to dig this out of my case. But I have never had a problem with it damaging my tip or ferrule (and don't worry about it either).
Reviewed by thunda62
thunda62 bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

very tight and stable - careful with tips

I play in a house where it is often difficult to find a bridge and the bridges available are often very wobbly. The multiple options for height are a major improvement over nearly all house cues. The small accessory has come in handy many times for me and my teammates. I will only fasten it to a house cue. It has a very tight fit (which is good for stability) but can break a tip off a cue.
Reviewed by Crackshot

Dont leave home without it

This a really good bridge. It has lots of positions for cue height and placement. I always have it in my cue bag. If you're tired of getting your cue shaft dinged, marred and scratched from the standard pool hall metal bridges then you should pick up one of these. They slip on well and is sturdy enough for all your shots. You can't beat the price. I got it as a stock stuffer for one christmas and I recommend it as a good inexpensive gift.
Reviewed by rrich1

Great Bridge

Have one for the home table and I keep one in my cue case for the league. Love that it has a rubber grommet that slides over the end of a cue instead of a screw. Makes it quick and easy to use and take apart.
Reviewed by ronis

Good bridge head

It's a good bridge head to keep in your cue case in case you don't like some pool hall bridge or there's none available. Very convenient. I've been using it for years but mostly as an extra option.
Reviewed by bshoe

Value item

For $2.50, you cant pass. Works good for me. It does fit tight on a regular 13 mm cue but I use it on a dedicated bridge stick. I don't want to risk pulling off a tip in a critical situation.

Fits in cue case without taking up room. For the money, I give it a 4.
Reviewed by daviddowns
daviddowns bought
"Mizerak Universal Spider Bridgehead"

Moose Head Bridge

great bridge price right to put in your bag must have
Reviewed by ShadowedXistence

snug fit

almost impossible to put this on a standard 13mm tip... luckily all my shafts are 12mm, and they fit quite nice... a 12.5mm shaft probably would fit the best... does exactly what i need it to
Reviewed by soundwave

Innovative design, poor construction

The Moose Head bridge has been around awhile. The design is innovative, but the construction is just not that good. I've used this bridge countless times, and it's always wobbly every time I use it. For my money I'd rather use the cheapy white plastic bridge head screwed tightly onto a bridge stick. If the Moose Head is made thicker, I think that would improve the stability more.
Reviewed by rackam

For under $1 this is the best value in the world of billiards.

It's cheap, won't scratch your cue, it fits in your bag and and slips over a house cue or your jump cue or break cue shaft ...

Plus, it allows you multiple bridge "locations' including along the rail or over other balls. By putting it over a (short) shaft rather than using a full length rake, it's easier to get the bridge back out of the way before the rake fouls the cue ball or an object ball after the hit.

Also, the rules allow you to stack two bridges together so you can grab the house rake, piggy back this one on top and use it as a jump bridge.

"I placed my first order with Seybert's recently. The prices I paid were amazing, the shipping was extremely fast, and I couldn't be happier. Don't hesitate to order from Seybert's. You won't be disappointed. "

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