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Billiard Videos and Books will help any player learn how to play pool and billiards with ease and speed. Billiard Videos and Billiard Instructional Books such as Phil Capelle, Pro Skill Drills, The Monk, Robert Byrnes, Thorsten Hohmann along with assorted books and dvds will give you the edge you need to beat any component.

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Dominic is a Professional Pool Instructor and Playing Coach who travels throughout the country…
Pool and billiard training DVD's. DVD's from the top know pool instructors Grady Mathews,…
Pool and billiard training and entertaining book. Intrustional pool but by top authors and…
These pool practice aids will help improve or refine your pool game. We are proud to inventory…

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OB DIGICUE Blue Training Aid With Bluetooth Technology
OB Digicue Blue Bluetooth enabled revolutionary...
$187.00 $129.00
OB DIGICUE Pool Stroke Training Aid
OB DIGICUE is truly a revolutionary electronic cue...
$99.99 $49.00
McDermott Children and Training Cue 42 Inch - Cue Ball Tip
Item - TSCUE42
McDermott training cue. This cue is 42 inches in length...
EZ Jumper
The EZ-Jumper allows players of all skill and height...
$18.99 $14.24
The Complete Instructional Works Tom Ross Volume 1 PDF CD-ROM
Item - TRCD1
Volume 1 of The Complete Instructional Works of Tom Ross...
$24.95 $11.75
The Complete Instructional Works Tom Ross Volume 2 PDF CD-ROM
Item - TRCD2
Volume 2 of The Complete Instructional Works of Tom Ross...
$24.95 $11.75
Phil Capelle Play You Best Pool Book
Item - PYBP
"Play Your Best Pool by Phil Capelle is the most thorough...
$29.95 $20.97
Phil Capelle Play Your Best 9 And 10 Ball
Item - PYB910
Phil Capelle Play Your Best 9 & 10 Ball spiral bound...
$34.95 $24.47
Kamui Diamond Slicer Banking and Kicking Aid
Item - KDS
The Kamui Diamond Slicer is a training product that helps...
$50.00 $45.00
Phil Capelle Practicing Pool Book
Item - PCPP
$29.95 $20.97
The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game - Mike Masse Advanced Edition
Item - UPCA
The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game (52 Card Deck) - Mike...
$24.94 $19.95
The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game - Pool Playing Cards
Item - UPCG
The Ultimate Pool Challenge Game (52 Card Deck) pool card...
$24.94 $19.95
2014 BCA Rule Book
Item - 46360
A must have for billiard enthusiasts! 2014 Edition BCA...
$11.19 $5.59
3 Cushion Billiard System Book
Item - 3CSB
$39.94 $33.95
360 Purecue Stroke Trainer Cue
Item - IP360
The patent pending 360 Pure Strike Action Trainer has...
$165.00 $132.00
99 Critical Shots In Pool Book
Item - B119
Ray Cool Cat" Martin, former Pool Champion in the World,...
$22.79 $15.95
A Pool Lesson DVD with Jerry Briesath
Jerry’s taught many of the game’s top players. He was...
$60.00 $49.00
A Pool Player's Journey Dale F Brandt
Item - PPJBK
A Pool Player's Journey - In Pursuit Of Excellence...
$14.95 $14.95
A Practical Treatise On The Game Of Billiards Book
A Practical Treatise On The Game Of Billiards book.
$49.94 $29.95
Andy Segal's Cue Magic Trick Shot Book
Item - ASCM
The Cue Magic book opens with a thorough description of...
$19.95 $15.96
Aramith Aiming By Numbers Practice Balls
Item - 11147
Developed by world class pool player & instructor Joe...
$81.76 $65.41
Banking With The Beard Book
Item - BWB
$29.15 $18.95
Banking with the Beard DVD
Item - BWBM
This new 3 hour of instruction DVD from Freddy "The...
$49.95 $34.95
Banks that dont go But Do 2 DVD Set
BANKS THAT DON'T GO - BUT DO with bank pool hall of famer...
$49.95 $34.95
Buddy Hall Cue Guide
Item - BH40
The Buddy Hall Cue Guide has been endorsed to bear the...
$12.95 $8.42
Build Your Game! by Mike Roque
Item - BYGS
Soft Cover Build Your Game! instructional book. 365 Days...
$29.95 $19.95
Eight Ball Bible Book
Item - T8BB
$29.41 $25.00
French Quarter Danny Book
Item - FQD
Danny Toussaint is about to play in the game of his life...
$19.93 $14.95
GosPool Book
Item - GOSP
Freddy "The Beard" Bentivegna has done it again with The...
$29.15 $21.86
Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball
Item - 11132
Aramith Jim Rempe English training Cue ball. This ball...
$48.75 $39.00
Joe Tucker 90 Minute Rail Workout DVD Set
Item - 90MRW
90 Minute Rail Workout 2 disc DVD set with Joe Tucker....
$30.00 $24.00
Joe Tucker Guaranteed Improvement Book and DVD Set
Joe Tuckers Guaranteed Improvement book and DVD is an...
$24.94 $19.95
Joe Tucker Racking Secrets 2 DVD
Item - RS2DVD
Joe Tuckers Racking Secrets 2 with Breaking Secrets. This...
$45.00 $36.00
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 1
Item - MR4001-DIS
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 1....
$41.19 $25.95
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 2
Item - MR4002-DIS
John Schmidt "Mr. 400" Straight Pool DVD Series Volume 2....
$41.19 $25.95
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