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Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball

Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball
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Aramith Jim Rempe English training Cue ball. This ball come with training guide and 1 ball with 2 different English training targets.
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Product ID : AR1029
Product ID: AR1029
Format: Practice Aids

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Jim Rempe special pool training ball

2-sided 2"1/4 training cue ball + 56-page instructions booklet in English, French and Spanish. For beginners and advanced players. Because only practice will make play better. Concept and design by Jim Rempe

Has a beginner AND advanced player side to assist you in your progress.

The two unique ball patterns will help you:

  • see where to hit the cue ball for spin (English)
  • develop a better stroke by teaching a more accurate delivery of your cue stick to the cue ball
  • optimize the rebound angle on ball and cushion for a better position on the next shot

The kit includes:

A Belgian Aramith cue ball with 2 different embedded patterns under the surface of the ball to make them wear-resistant

The Jimmy Rempe special pool training manual. With 13 detailed drawings, each showing multiple variations, this 56-page pocket-size manual will show you clearly how you can use the patterns to fully control the cue ball


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball"

Jim Rempe Training Ball

Great tool for beginners and advanced players. Not only does it teach english, it can be used to fine tune your stroke.
Reviewed by BJKZ
BJKZ bought
"Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball"

Must Have Training Aid

This is the best training ball out there. The side with the 5 rings allows you to repetitively practice applying the same English to any shot, helping to train yourself the exact amount of spin necessary. I own every training ball out there, and this is the one I carry with me at all times.

Seybert's pricing, shipping, and communications are the best in the business!
Reviewed by Benjaminha213
Benjaminha213 bought
"Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball"

Amazing Product

If you want to perfect your stroke and aim at the cue ball this is the product. Also, this is great with learning to use english and taking your game to the next level.
Reviewed by JackSparrow
JackSparrow bought
"Jim Rempe Aramith Training Cue Ball"

awesome teaching tool

I'm using this to teach league players that are ready to put some english into their game. The advanced side is helping me fine tune my english shots as well!
Reviewed by fishblade2

Great tool!

I bought this device to help me fix what I thought was causing a problem with my shots. Initially I thought that I had a hard time finding the center of the cue ball and since buying this ball it helped me almost right away by showing me that I was hitting the center but my stroke was the main problem with the unwanted side spin. I continued working with the ball concentrating on making certain spins when I wanted and watching the cue ball perform in different ways after hitting the ball and the rail. Great tool for helping you make your english very precise.
Reviewed by Yawger

Amazing results

This is and has been one of the best training aids on the market for some years now. From learning the basic concepts behind applying english to the cue ball to fine tuning your ability to match what goes on in your mind to how you actually cue the ball, this aid really takes your game to a new level.

"Sent my Viking shaft in to be took down from 13mm to 12.5mm. All I can say is WOW!! Its better Than I could have imagined, PERFECTION. Its smoother than it was when I bought it! Tell your cuemaker A+ work. Thanks, Greg"

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