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Tournament Purple Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball

Tournament Purple Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball
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Aramith tournament purple logo magnetic cue ball. This cue ball is made for Valley coin op tables that return the ball at the break end. It does not have the magnet in the middle of the ball however. The magnetized properties are spread through the ball. This enables this cue ball to perform like the regulation Red Circle cue ball. Tired of not getting good ball reaction on a bar box? This is the cue ball for you.
PRICE: $33.24 $26.58
Product ID : AR1099
Product ID: AR1099

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The main features of the Aramith balls are:

  • Impact resistant.
    Withstands to over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than polyester balls.

  • Burn Spot Resistant
    Resists at the friction temperatures of 482?F / 250?C when the ball slips into motion. No flat spots on the ball, no white marks on the cloth! Keeps its polish to minimize table cloth wear.

  • Lowest Operating Cost
    Aramith Billiard balls are a money saving investment. Last up to 5 times longer to assure lowest yearly ball cost. Will lengthen dramatically your cloth's life

  • The Ultimate in Balance
    the center of gravity at the center of the ball guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll.

  • Perfect rebound
    Elasticity of the Phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound to perfectly control the effect of every shot.

  • Worldwide Endorsement
    Professional federations worldwide have exclusively selected Aramith for their championships because of its superior quality.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cueistdale
cueistdale bought
"Tournament Purple Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

cue ball control

I occasionally play a match against an opponent in a location that has older Valley tables. The cue balls tend to be awkward and difficult to control with precision. Common complaints from other players about unlevel table rolls are, in fact, less than perfectly balanced cue balls settling unevenly. But no more! I will now provide this cue ball for a much better match with enhanced cue ball control.
Reviewed by dkhopson

Be a little different

I started APA in Jan 2018 (Dallas area) and noticed everyone had a “green Aramith” cue ball. I wondered how everyone kept track of their own ball. I don’t like issues and saw this as one for many reason. After a little searching, I discovered the purple logoed cue ball. It is said to be more durable and best of all, a different color. No confusion. It played equal to a little better than the green cue ball. I think an extra $5 dollars is well worth my peace of mind. I can highly recommend this product.
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought
"Tournament Purple Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

Love this ball!!!

I pretty much knew what I was getting when I bought it.. However having one and knowing the vast difference between it and a regular Mudball made this well worth having..
Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Tournament Purple Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

Good ball for Valleys

Played in a tournament at a bar that had nothing but mud balls in all their Valley tables. Was told we could bring our own cue ball if we didn't want to use the mud balls so I bought this purple logo Aramith since they are designed to work in Valley tables. It played great and rolled true as expected.
Reviewed by JackSparrow
JackSparrow bought
"Tournament Purple Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

Better play for league night

I bought two of these to bring to league night. Everyone appreciates not having to use dirty/dented bar cue balls. Easy to clean and works perfectly with all the magnetic cue ball return bar boxes I play on.

"Was in touch with Dave on line about a Predator shaft that was splitting apart, have had it since late 90’s, bought it new, asking if it was still under warranty? Took it to him, 1 hr 45 min drive, was treated like I had just purchased the cue from him, such a wonderful group, was so happy with the first time visit to Seybert’s, bought 3 mor..."

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