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Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball

Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball
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This cue ball is made for coin op tables that return the ball at the break end. It does not have the magnet in the middle of the ball however. The magnetized properties are spread through the ball. This enables this cue ball to perform like the regulation Red Circle cue ball. Tired of not getting good ball reaction on a bar box? This is the cue ball for you.
PRICE: $26.61 $21.29
Product ID : AR1009
Product ID: AR1009

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The main features of the Aramith balls are:

  • Impact resistant.
    Withstands to over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than polyester balls.

  • Burn Spot Resistant
    Resists at the friction temperatures of 482?F / 250?C when the ball slips into motion. No flat spots on the ball, no white marks on the cloth! Keeps its polish to minimize table cloth wear.

  • Lowest Operating Cost
    Aramith Billiard balls are a money saving investment. Last up to 5 times longer to assure lowest yearly ball cost. Will lengthen dramatically your cloth's life

  • The Ultimate in Balance
    the center of gravity at the center of the ball guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll.

  • Perfect rebound
    Elasticity of the Phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound to perfectly control the effect of every shot.

  • Worldwide Endorsement
    Professional federations worldwide have exclusively selected Aramith for their championships because of its superior quality.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by gshiga18
gshiga18 bought
"Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

Standard Coin-Op Cue Ball

This is the cue ball I see most often when using a coin operated table and is often referred to as the "Green Logo" Aramith ball. This cue ball has a metallic coating underneath the outer hard shell, and that metallic coating provides the metal needed to attract the cue ball down the correct shoot path to bypass the coin mechanism path. The outer shell on this cue ball is not very durable, and tends to get a dull finish fast (in comparison to other balls like the "measles" ball) and chalk marks are hard to remove. I've been playing with mine for about a month now, and it's already shows signs of use.

This ball is a tad expensive, but is necessary if you are playing on a coin operated table that uses that magnetic system. Unless you specifically want to play with this ball for practice, I would recommend buying the new Aramith Tournament Purple Logo cue ball which is magnetic and is basically the same price as this ball (assuming you need a magnetic ball). The Purple Logo ball has the new Duramith outer shell, so it should be more durable and keep its glossy finish longer. It's better to play with a good condition cue ball, since it will have less wear and tear on your table felt.
"Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"


I bought 2 of these balls for were I play pool at for my teams home matches. They love it. Because the standard ball there is a monster cue ball. I have more control over the ball. Which can be do or die in league matches. But I give two thumbs up to Aramith for creating this cue ball.
"Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"


This ball almost plays like a regular cue ball. I bought 2 of these for my team. The place we played for had a bowling ball for a cue ball. At first it didn't work.However the owner opened the table up.We cleaned off the little magnite inside.And we haven't had a problem since. This is the best bar box cue ball for the buck. And was very happy with them.
Reviewed by candochad
candochad bought
"Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

The Best!

After several chipped standard cue balls I decided to go with the aramith green logo. It was a great decision. My 2 year old has been known to swipe the cue ball out of the table. And like any other ball in the hands of a 2 year old, it ends up getting bounced off the concrete floor. But no need to get upset or even hide the cue ball, this aramath can take the abuse.
Reviewed by daviddowns
daviddowns bought
"Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball

cary one to all my leagues and have extras at home good clean ball all the time makes a differance
Reviewed by longhoang27
longhoang27 bought
"Green Logo Aramith Magnetic Cue Ball"

Best magnetic ball I have used

I purchased this for those times I go to a place where they only have bar tables and the cue ball is in terrible condition and it was more than worth the money. It is higher quality, plays better and because it you only use it when you want it doesn't get as messed up as the cue ball that is already on the table
Reviewed by Yawger

Best ball return cue ball option

If you have a magnetic ball return table. This is the ball of choice. Not quite on par with the Aramith red dot, or 6 dot balls, but still the best option for a coin op ball return table. I don't see too many of these, but when I do on a coin op table, I find it to be much better than the usual "mud" balls you find in bar boxes (7ft table).

"There is no better place and no better staff in the country. They have perfected long distance cue repair/customization. The only complaint I have is that their store is not in NY because I’d be there everyday. I will always use and recommend Seyberts Billiards Supply for all my Pool needs . "

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