Aramith Super Pro Cue Ball 6 Dot

Aramith Super Pro Cue Ball 6 Dot
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The TV Pro Cup cue balls is one of the most requested cue balls on the market today with its six dots that allow you to visualize the intentional and unintentional spin you apply. It is constructed with the most advanced Aramith Phenolic resin. The TV Pro Cup cue ball will enhance your performance and is a 2 1/4" regulation cue ball.
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Product ID : AR1020
Product ID: AR1020

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The main features of the Aramith balls are:

  • Impact resistant.
    Withstands to over 50 times more impacts and is far more scratch resistant than polyester balls.

  • Burn Spot Resistant
    Resists at the friction temperatures of 482?F / 250?C when the ball slips into motion. No flat spots on the ball, no white marks on the cloth! Keeps its polish to minimize table cloth wear.

  • Lowest Operating Cost
    Aramith Billiard balls are a money saving investment. Last up to 5 times longer to assure lowest yearly ball cost. Will lengthen dramatically your cloths life

  • The Ultimate in Balance
    The center of gravity at the center of the ball guarantees a perfectly true and accurate roll.

  • Perfect Rebound
    Elasticity of the Phenolic resin is calibrated for optimal rebound to perfectly control the effect of every shot.

  • Worldwide Endorsement
    Professional federations worldwide have exclusively selected Aramith for their championships because of its superior quality.

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by CParker82
CParker82 bought
"Aramith Super Pro Cue Ball 6 Dot"

The best cue ball I've ever owned!

Hands down this pro cup cue ball is worth every cent! Not only does it look nice when english is applied but it holds up cosmetic wise and cleans up really well!
Reviewed by tsuha96

Great Ball

I play alot of pool (6-7 days a week) and I can tell you that this ball lives up to any hype it receives. Since I play sometimes with people that aren't as experienced pool players such as myself, I don't worry to much when the ball jumps off the table since the resistance is so good. The dots on the ball are always good for knowing when my stroke is off and in need of doing more drills. It also helps me see how much deflection I get with a certain amount of spin on the ball. Definitely worth the money and if I need to get another one, I will pay this price for sure.
Reviewed by 103Lawrencium
103Lawrencium bought
"Aramith Super Pro Cue Ball 6 Dot"

Great Product

This ball will help you learn your english and it is great to play with on any occasion. I love this ball and would recommend it to anyone trying to improve their game.
Reviewed by bignick31985

Great cue ball!

I play league on bar boxes a couple nights a week and we always use the Green Dot Aramith magnetic ball. While that works well, on free pool night I pull this ball out. Plays lights out, controls well, and responds better to the english you apply to it, even on slower cloth.

A MUST!!! But the bar tables eat it, so be careful.
Reviewed by bought
"Aramith Super Pro Cue Ball 6 Dot"

cuttem thin and watch it spin

I purchased the measle ball ( TV Pro Cup ) as a novelty, but it wasn"t long before I realized what a beneficial tool this ball is. My game has inproved dramatially after playing with the Pro Cup.Now my Super Pro cue ball sets on the shelf and watches.
Reviewed by rrich1

Best cue ball ever

The "Measles" cue ball is by far the best cue ball out there. The red dots help to show the english applied to the cue ball. I can't count how many times I thought I put the correct spin on the ball to only find out I didn't. The measles ball will improve your game with instant feed back on how to play better position play.

I cannot recommend this cue ball enough. Anybody wanting to help out their game should play with this cue ball.
Reviewed by daviddowns

Aramith TV Pro Cup Cue Ball

great ball to learn and teach with
Reviewed by nmhunter3006

Great cue ball!

I have had this cue ball for a couple years now and I love it. It it so much better than the cueballs they give you at the poolhalls. The dots give you instant feedback on how well you are striking the ball and if you are putting unwanted english on it. Or just the opposite. Best cue ball on the market!
Reviewed by garybkatz

Makes practice more fun and useful

I love playing with this cue ball, and you will too. The dots enable you to see the spin on the CB, which serves a few purposes: First, if you're trying to put some kind of draw or english on the CB, you get immediate feedback on how much action you're getting, and how long it's lasting. Second, if you're not trying to apply english, you can spot a flaw in your stroke, e.g. hitting the CB off the vertical axis inadvertently, which can throw your shot off. Even on the break, I have spotted the CB spinning clockwise or counterclockwise, so I knew I probably hit the CB off center. Third, you really get a sense of what kind of rotation the CB retains after it hits an object ball or a rail. This sounds like a repeat of the first point, but I really mean it as an aspect of fun here. It's pretty neat to hit certain shots where you intentionally send the CB spinning down or into a rail, and see how it grabs, brakes or accelerates, due to the spin. As far as I'm concerned, I get more incentive to master various shots and to improve the quality of my stroke, because I can easily see how I'm hitting Mr. Whitey. Definitely worth the money!
Reviewed by Yawger

Gold Standard!

This is the gold standard of cue balls. I first saw it on TV, they use it better illustrate the english a player is putting on the cue ball. Makes watching pool a little more entertaining, and engaging. In actual use, I like this cue ball for practice especially. It helps me see proof that I am putting the english I really want on the cue ball. I have found it a little distracting when playing in tournament play, but it's negligible. Overall this is the best, and most widely used cue ball for serious pool players.

"Every time I deal with Seyberts it is a very easy task. Personal service without waiting days for an answer. Since many billiard products have standardized pricing the only thing that really sets apart billiard supply companies is the service. Seyberts definitely has that edge."

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