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Super Aramith Pro Value Pack

Super Aramith Pro Value Pack
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The Aramith Super Pro set includes the Super Pro ball set, Jim Rempe Training ball with instructions, Aramith ball cleaner, and Aramith micro towel. Super Aramith pro ball set are constructed from Professional grade Aramith phenolic resin designed in Aramith laboratories. The balls are known for their hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance. Aramith high quality standard have to meet these 8 criteria ball density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, and weight to be Aramith ball.
PRICE: $391.75 $313.40

Product ID : AR1038
Product ID: AR1038

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by BJKZ
BJKZ bought
"Super Aramith Pro Value Pack"

Best Balls

This set is the best value and quality you can buy. Especially since it includes the cleaning product and training ball. Best pricing you'll find too!
Reviewed by stiltstudio
stiltstudio bought
"Super Aramith Pro Value Pack"

Very worth the upgrade.

I've been using the Aramith Standard pool balls since I purchased my table 7 years ago. The Standard balls are a great value for the money, but pale in comparison to the Pro set. I admittedly was skeptical that it was worth the price tag to upgrade.

After my first hit with the new Pro set and measles cue ball I immediately could feel the difference. A much more solid feel to the shot and better spin control. The finish on the balls is like glass and will hold up for many years.

If you're on the fence on whether to upgrade to the Pro set, I would highly recommend it.
Reviewed by Crackshot

Best pool balls hands down.

I purchased this set of balls several months ago to replace some cheap ones I bought years ago. I would recommend these Super Aramith balls over any other. Although they tend to be a little higher priced they are well worth it. These balls seem to keep their shine and luster longer than some cheap brands. I have not found a need to use the Rempe cue ball personally, but I do like the added ball cleaner and cloth. If you're looking to get some quality balls but also save some money you can buy the ball set without the cleaner and training ball. Just don't skimp on the balls!
Reviewed by Yawger

Best ball for the best value

If you are going to spring for a high quality set of billiard balls you might as well get this value pack with the polish and training ball. These are tools that warrant the slight increase in price. The polish works brilliantly, although these balls were made with such attention to detail they do not require polishing as often as the lower spectrum of billiard balls. This is the preferred set of balls for world wide tournaments, meaning it is recognized as being the highest evolution of the billiard ball. These come highly recommended not just by myself, but many of the top professional players and tournament directors alike.

"This is the best place to buy pool stuff. nice price and very fast shipping ! 5 days. and i live in Norway ! i will always use Seyberts ! :D 10/10"

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