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Super Aramith Pro TV Pool Ball Set

Super Aramith Pro TV Pool Ball Set
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Super Aramith Pro TV ball set are constructed from Professional grade Aramith phenolic resin designed in Aramith laboratories. The balls are known for their hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance. Aramith high quality standard have to meet these 8 criteria ball density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, and weight to be Aramith ball.
PRICE: $376.04 $300.83

Product ID : AR1040
Product ID: AR1040

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by NK1975

Aramith TV Set

I cheeped out on a budget set, was super disappointed (not from seyberts) So I came here and got the set I should have in the first place. They are great, well worth the $$$
Reviewed by aschneider1105
aschneider1105 bought
"Super Aramith Pro TV Pool Ball Set"

Aramith Pro Cup TV Set

Absolute top-shelf set of billiard balls. Apart from simply being striking to look at, they just flat-out play better than the other sets of balls I've used. 10/10 would absolutely recommend buying this set.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Super Aramith Pro TV Pool Ball Set"

Expensive but worth it

Playability and looks are first rate. Colors are bright and different than standard sets. The pink 4 and 12 are especially sharp. Carom and spin action are excellent and very responsive off the rails too. The "measles" cue ball is great for seeing if the English you intended to put on the ball actually occurred or not. Particularly on draw shots with side, you will have visual confirmation (not just feel) if are striking low enough or just stunning it.
Reviewed by jdclifford
jdclifford bought
"Super Aramith Pro TV Pool Ball Set"

Great Pool Balls....but

These pool balls play awesome, but Saluc really need to work on their quality control. My set had 2 9balls and no 8ball. I was told by Seybert's that this was the 2nd time in 3 months this happened. Seybert's was swift in getting a replacement sent to me, but I noticed 2 separate small chips in the 8ball after 4 days of play. All of the other balls, all with more play than the 8ball, have no chips. Perhaps this is just a mere coincidence, but I believe the ball sent, though appearing to be a Super Pro, is of lower quality. I place this blame on Aramith's parent company, not Seybert's.
Reviewed by johno


Buy it now!!!
I have been shooting for 50 years. I've made a few and missed a few.
But I can't recall ever being amazed by the way a ball rolls across a table before.
A true pleasure. And an absolute steal at this price.
Treat yourself.
Reviewed by ronis

The best ball set out there

This is the best pool ball set out there. Period.
Being perfect in every aspect, this set is normally used for the major tournaments. I'm quite sure you'll enjoy every moment at the table with this set.
Highly recommended!
Reviewed by jgrzyb
jgrzyb bought
"Super Aramith Pro TV Pool Ball Set"

Ultimate billard balls

I simple love playing with those balls (no pun intended!). They look great, play great and give you a sense of beging a pro on the table. If I ever have a pool table in my house, i am going to purchase this set. If you are looking for zero-compromise quality, this is the product.
Reviewed by Yawger

Great for TV. Great for your home table. Great for the bar. The very best!

This is the highest evolution of the billiard ball. I rarely get to play with these. There is one pool hall around me that I know the owner of who lets me play with his TV Aramith set, they are amazing! It's hard to put into words the difference in feel, but there is a noticeable difference, and the difference is great. Side english throws the balls when you want them to, and they glance when you don't want them to. They flat out respond better than any billiard ball out there.They look astounding, they feel even better!

"The new cuetec synergy 15K One word AWSOME LONG SMOOTH TAPER GREAT FEEL. Great deflection ratio Just a perfect shaft "

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