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Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set

Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set
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Super Aramith pro ball set are constructed from Professional grade Aramith phenolic resin designed in Aramith laboratories. The balls are known for their hardened vitrified surface with ultra-high density for exceptional scratch and impact resistance. Aramith high quality standard have to meet these 8 criteria ball density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, and weight to be Aramith ball.
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Product ID : AR1039
Product ID: AR1039

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by glpbutch
glpbutch bought
"Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set"

Love my balls...

After recently reclothing my table with Simonis 860 cloth it was only common sense to upgrade my balls also. Not only are they a beautiful set but most importantly they help to prevent burns and divots on my new cloth. If you are serious about your game and want to protect your cloth I highly recommend these phenolic balls and get rid of the old polyester balls. Protect your cloth with quality Aramith phenolic balls and you will never regret the investment......Very satisfied.
Reviewed by bought
"Super Aramith Pro Pool Ball Set"

Dead Center

After wearing out a set of brunswick centennials I precised a set of Aramith precise calibrated super pros. What a up grade, these balls roll strait and clean up quickly and easley. After visiting Seyberts web site I see Aramith balls are what they offer exclusively. Invest in a set of super pros you will find your self making more long shoots, banks and cuts.
Reviewed by achilch

Top quality set

These should be the standard balls to be used by anyone serious about the game. Made by the top manufacturer and coming with the best reputation in the market.

"This company will take care of any of your billiards needs. Their staff will answer your questions and lend some advice if needed. I have shopped at local billiards stores and left there knowing the prices they charged where over 30% higher than this store. I wish I lived closer so I could just walk around the real store. I thank the entire Seyb..."

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