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Camouflage Aramith Pool Ball Set

Camouflage Aramith Pool Ball Set
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Aramith Camouflage set features a beautiful up-to-date camouflage design, and belongs to the Aramith Add-ons range. Not necessary to hunt or to be in the armed forces to play with the Aramith camouflage set. But one thing is sure, the game is raised to the next level a combat mission. The Camouflage set does meet all of Aramith ball 8 criteria - density, balance, diameter, roundness, color, glossiness, hardness, weight.
PRICE: $255.49 $204.39

Product ID : AR1026
Product ID: AR1026

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Travis403
Travis403 bought
"Camouflage Aramith Pool Ball Set"

Not happy to played one night

Played one night with them and 7 balls chipped and one ball is really bad setberts told me it has to the the table won’t buy balls from them again since my Walmart balls don’t chip in the 1st night
Reviewed by Ricky_Angelo

Show you have Balls!

Hu? No no, that's not what i was trying to say.

I wanted to say that if you like a powerful and tactical game, and want to show your opponents that you're good not only at Paintball, these are your weapons.

Aramith' quality and reputation is almost legendary, and even if these aren't exactly the ones you'll see in an official pro tournament, the scratch resistance and the exceptional reactivity of the phenolic resin makes these jewels last 5 times more than the common polyester ones.

If you love to play great pool without being too seriously formal, get these Army-style balls and show them how a real soldier play!

"Thank You for a wonderful online experience.My custom order predator z2 shaft came fast and packaging was outstanding.Even though i made a change to my order it was handled and didn't slow down delivery time.I actually got my z2 faster than expected.Great company to do business with will recommend to friends and plan on doing future business wit..."

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