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Aramith Standard Pool Ball Set

Aramith Standard Pool Ball Set
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Aramith Standard Belgian billiard ball sets have all of the standard quality's you would expect from an Aramith billiard ball without having to pay the high price of their designer sets. The standard Aramith balls are perfectly round and balanced billiard balls with uniform weight and hardness.
PRICE: $125.09 $100.07
Product ID : AR1046
Product ID: AR1046

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Benjaminha213
Benjaminha213 bought
"Aramith Standard Pool Ball Set"

Very Nice Balls

The standard set is very nice. I couldn't afford the more expensive set which I heard is just mainly appearance. Overall the balls are the same.
Reviewed by bshoe
bshoe bought
"Aramith Standard Pool Ball Set"

Standard Aramith set

Replaced the made in china set that came with my table with these. I could have spent more but these completely fill the bill. I see no reason to spend $200 or more when these will play just as well. I could tell the difference in the first few games. YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED! FOR THE MONEY......GREAT DEAL!
Reviewed by Yawger

A good value for the price

Not quite as good looking as the Super Aramith Pro balls, or the TV set, but a great value for the price payed. If you were to compare them to the other spectrum of billiard balls which is everything else not Aramith, these blow them out of the water. They are just not great compared to Aramith's highest quality balls. That said these are fantastic balls. Consider yourself lucky if your table comes standard with this set, as mine did.

"Ordered everything I needed (22# worth) at 12.32pm on 2-23-10. The UPS driver was ringing the door bell at 11.19AM the next day. LESS THEN 24 HOURS! I figured I had a couple of days to take the table apart but I was WRONG. I live within 130 miles of Coldwater, but that was outstanding service non the less. Seyberts must have some pull with UPS a..."

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