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Aramith Pool Ball Case

Aramith Pool Ball Case
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Whether you want to store your ball set at home or take it with you, our new ball case allows you to do both. This handy and protective ball case is a practical and attractive way to store and transport your ball set. This attractive nylon ball case will keep your ball set safe and nicely organized wherever you go. Balls Not Included
PRICE: $75.71 $60.58
Product ID : AR2018
Product ID: AR2018

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by billiardboss13
billiardboss13 bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

Pretty good

Really nice case that holds a full set, plus an extra cue ball (17 total ball slots) and a thing of ball cleaner if you have it. I'll probably put an Arcos II cue ball in the extra space, and some cleaning towels and other stuff in where the cleaner would go. I'll put my Magic racks in the zipper part on the front, seems like the only things that fit. Only 2 reasons it got 4 stars, which weren't major was the embroidered Aramith on the corner looked a little sloppy and it's priced a little higher than I'd have thought, but that's Aramith. Overall, still really good
Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

Beautiful Case for My Super Pros

This case works perfectly, is solidly constructed and the foam interior keeps the balls well protected with a section for Aramith Ball Cleaner Liquid and a spare cue or training ball. Well worth the investment.
Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

Aramith Pool Ball Case

Great case. Much more sturdy and rigid than I expected it to be.
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

very handy and great material

really nice and will keep your balls safe
Reviewed by aschneider1105
aschneider1105 bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

Excellent Ball Case

The case is made with the same care and quality of the Aramith billiard balls you put in it. The balls fit snugly and perfectly into the case, the zippers, handle, and strap are all high-quality, and it just plain looks great. Also has a nice zipper pocket on the front for things like a small cleaning towel or template racks. Whether you need a safe option for storage or traveling with your ball set, this is a fantastic option. A+, definitely recommend this as a brilliant way to protect your investment.
Reviewed by dbuts

Exactly what you want

It's pricey but after waiting far too long to get it I can say it's absolutely worth every penny. So convenient and durable.
Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

Very handy

Good quality case, much easier to carry around than the original cardboard box that the balls came in. Most pool halls around here have Aramith balls in the tables so I use this to carry around my Cyclop TV balls. There is also space for my bottle of Aramith ball polish, and an extra cue ball if desired. I carry around my Aramith measle ball in the extra spot.
Reviewed by fishblade2
fishblade2 bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

great product

I received this case today along with my new aramith tournament balls. This case is great!!!! It was well made. the material inside that holds the balls is very sturdy material that protects the balls well. The straps are functional. Overall I would buy another case if I needed it for a second ball set.
Reviewed by Redbow
Redbow bought
"Aramith Pool Ball Case"

Very handy indeed.

I had a glance at the poolball/cue case but found that as cool as it looks, what i need is a practical bag that i can leave behind at times they are not necessary.
I love this case. It fits 17 balls in case you want to add a practice cue ball or whatever, has room for extra tools or cleaning products, magic ball-rack pro sheets fits nicely. It also comes with a shoulder-strap as well as the carry-handle and an extra pocket on the outside.
It looks professional without being too flashy, which fits my style perfectly.

I recommend this product.


"I just got my schuler cue back that KJ refinished and rewrapped... wanted to tell you it was spectacular .. wasn't planning on getting my cue done but he also refinished and rewrapped my wife's mcdermott and did spectacular work...i will not have any refinishing or rewrapping done anywhere else.... great price and fast shipping also... we were u..."

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