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Plastic Ball Tray

Plastic Ball Tray
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The Black Plastic 16 ball tray organizer. Great holder to help to keep your extra sets or unused balls organized.
PRICE: $5.95 $5.06
Product ID : BT
Product ID: BT
Color: Black
Material: Hard Plastic

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Plastic Ball Tray"

If you own a table, gotta have it

If you have a table, this is cheap and effective if you don't need a pool ball case to take your pool ball set away from home.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Plastic Ball Tray"

Plastic Ball Tray

This plastic tray is a neat and clean way to store extra sets of balls you might have. Seems to be well made. Haven't had any issues in the 2 years I've owned it.
Reviewed by Yawger

Keep your pockets and balls safe

This is a great simple way to store your billiard balls. I don't care to leave them in the pockets as it can over time cause the leather to get distorted, and leaving them on the table seems to cause people to want to push them around with their hands. This is just a great way to keep your billiard balls safe along with your pockets until you are ready to use them. Simple, effective, a solid item to have in your billiard room
Reviewed by jeffb78

A Must Have

These are great to keep in your billiard room. Instead of leaving the remaining balls in the pockets when playing 9 ball you can store them in this tray. Also very useful for storing the balls and keeping them out of the way while cleaning your table. It is just one of those little product that makes life easier.

"Ordered a cue on Monday and got it Tuesday. now that’s fast! If I need anything in the future this is my place."

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