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Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo

Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo
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Magic Ball Rack Pro combo set comes with 2 racks. 1 9/10 ball rack and 1 8 ball rack. This is the ultimate racking system used for racking pool balls. Material: Special grade plastic, thickness: 0.14mm, Color: Black
PRICE: $21.95 $15.95
Product ID : GPMBR
Product ID: GPMBR
Color: Black
Configuration: 10 Ball
Configuration: 8 Ball
Configuration: 9 Ball
Material: Thin Plastic

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2.  Place template on the footspot, please make sure the template is aligned

3.  Place the balls on the template into position

4.  Make sure all balls are tight and touching, sometimes this requires just a
     small push with the fingertips.

5.  Enjoy and break with a perfect rack.

6.  Remove the rack after the break; if a ball is slightly sitting on the edge of 
     the rack you can still slide the rack out with ease.  If there is a ball sitting
     directly on the rack leave it in place until that ball has been moved during


• Magic Ball Rack Pro is the elite racking system; it gives a consistent tight rack even on old cloth.
• Magic Ball Rack Pro gives a perfect rack every time, you can rack in 10 seconds or less
• Saves table wear on the cloth from using other triangles
• No need to Tap the table and damage the table
• No need to carry your own triangle with you when you play
• Worn and used balls can be used with a tolerance level of 0.1mm
• Material is water proof, can blend into any table cloth color and can be rolled up to carry around.
• Pool Hall owners can eliminate triangles altogether using the Magic Ball Rack


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"

Excellent Templates

Some tables just don't want to give a tight rack without a template. These templates solve the issue, providing a rack with contact all around. Inexpensive and effective when needed.
Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"

Magic Rack

Great product! Makes breaking much consistent and predictable.
Reviewed by Rodknee
Rodknee bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"

Magic rack

This product is fantastic. Takes a little longer than a normal rack but the quality is noticable when breaking
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"

Magic Rack

The Magic Rack is so much easier to freeze the balls. It's quick and easy to use.
Reviewed by cueistdale

avoid bending

This is a fantastic, absolutely great product UNTIL you get a kink in it. Then, no matter what you try, it seems impossible to get it to lie perfectly flat again. Therefore, I am in favor of using this system but strongly advise protecting it properly and avoid any bending of the sides.
Reviewed by kelvinn1996

Very Tight Racks

Tight racks every time, as described. The only issue is carrying them around. I'm afraid to roll them up since a little pressure can end up making creases in the racks.
Reviewed by TheBlueram234
TheBlueram234 bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"


the title says it all..
Every time! no question. Takes a second to get used to racking them.. Old timers sometimes scoff at it and pull the ol plastic rack out from under the table... which does not bother me.. I go with the flow....
I have a 3x5 case, but only 2 cues.., so, I keep the magic racks rolled up like a set of plans, in the third hole.
I've started using it on league night where we "rack our own" racks...
I believe i get an edge because i can drop 2,3, and sometimes 4 balls off an 8 ball rack. Giving me great opportunity for break and runs.
Great invention, I love it.
I do generally remove the rack after the break. if i shoot across/over the rack using strong draw.. it will move. but during a break.. there is very little to no interference with the roll of the balls. No more than the usual DENTS from People SMACKING half the rack with one of the object balls to get a tight rack....
Now that i think about it, this is the perfect gift for the pool player that has never mastered the art of racking a solid rack of balls with a standard rack with out smacking them...
I found my stocking stuffer gift for next year
Reviewed by twalchesky
twalchesky bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"

Magic Ball Rack

This is a great product.
Highly recommended, especially for those tables that have the spots worn down.
You get a perfect rack every time.
Reviewed by dragonkid203

Rack like a pro everytime

When I pulled this out of the box I was, to say the least, skeptical on how a flimsy little thing would work as a rack. It is amazing! A consistent rack no matter how many times you do it. And always tight, best rack I have ever used, period.
Reviewed by cwong79
cwong79 bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"


Love the product. It racks really tight and ensure a fair break. It bothers many players to leave the product on the table. Ive gotten used to it. I think as it grows in popularity people will accept it more. Old school players think its all gimmick. It really gives you a perfect rack. Easy to store, I haven't bend mine yet. Welcome to the future.
Reviewed by rrich1

Best 9/10 ball rack...period

Bought these a few months ago. The 9/10 ball rack is by far the best rack out there. Have used them at the bars and it will give your the tightest rack on even the most worn tables. Much faster to get a tight rack than fighting a bar rack on loose cloth.

The 8 ball rack is alright. With the size of the rack being bigger, it has been a little harder to get it just right, even with that it is still faster than a regular rack.

The little diamonds in the rack draw the balls towards the center of the rack and that is what gives these rack the same tight rack every time.

The rack is super thin and I have very rarely seen a ball roll funny after a break.

These racks are worth their price and then some with the consistency of having the same tight rack every time.
Reviewed by ronis

Fantastic product

Magic ball racks make sure you get the perfect rack every time.
No hassle, no wasted time, no frustration because of spacing between balls. It's over. Throw your triangle and racking secrets book out of the window. You won't need them any more.

Highly recommended!!!
Reviewed by Redbow
Redbow bought
"Magic Ball Rack Pro 2 Rack Combo"

Have yourselves a good break.

An absolute must at any poolhalls with worn tablecloth-quality. Sets the balls up firmly, and promises that tight-rack break we all love to witness.


"Serberts very helpful"

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