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Poison Pool Cues

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Poison cues.... No competitor in its class comes close to the Venom Shaft that tops off every Poison cue. Venom cue shafts are designed with Poison Cues exclusive of making the pockets wider (along with making your opponent's eyes wider with each shot you sink). When you've got Venom, friend, you have no excuses. The Poison DD(TM) technology benefits from the Predator Group engineering.

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The perfect synthesis between nostalgia and new technology, introducing the third generation…
The Cyanide third generation cues have four eye-catching colors, and emblazoned with…
Poison VX Break, jump, and play inspired with the versatile VX Series. Break through…

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Poison VX5 White Break Cue
Item - VX5BRKW
Poison VX5 white break cue. This cue has a matte finish...
$175.00 $148.75
Poison Nitro NI3-3 White Pool Cue
Item - NI3-3
Poison Nitro NI3-3 Pool Cue. The Poison Nitro NI3-3 has a...
$369.00 $313.65

Poison Nitro NI3-4 Black Pool Cue
Item - NI3-4
Poison Nitro NI3-4 Pool Cue. The Poison Nitro NI3-4 has a...
$369.00 $313.65

Poison VX5 Black Break Cue
Poison VX5 black break cue. This cue has a matte finish...
$175.00 $148.75
Poison Nitro NI3-1 Burgundy Pool Cue
Item - NI3-1
Poison Nitro N3-1 Pool Cue. The Poison Nitro N3-1 has a...
$369.00 $313.65

Poison Nitro NI3-2 Grey Pool Cue
Item - NI3-2
Poison Nitro NI3-2 Pool Cue. The Poison Nitro NI3-2 has a...
$369.00 $313.65


"Hello JT We received the cue's yesterday. The cue is excellent, I'm very happy with it. I would like to thank you for the shirt and the great service you have given us. Thanks again, Phil Quelch"

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