Pechauer Unique Pool Cues

Pechauer Cues are made in the USA with quality and craftsmanship at the forefront. Pechauer custom cues offer a lifetime warranty against warpage and manufacturing defects. Pechauer does everything at their shop in Green Bay Wisconsion from the selection of wood, processing the wood and drying it out, building each section of the cue, design, qualtiy control.. the whole shabang! When you want quality you want Pechauer.

Pechauer Limited Edition SE1 Pool Cue
Item - CUSTOM1
Pechauer Limited Edition SE1 pool cues are built exclusively for Seybert's...
$275.00 $220.00
Pechauer Unique 4 Point Smoke Stain Pool Cue
Item - P05US
The Pechauer Unique P05US pool cue has Birdseye Maple smoke grey stained...
$500.00 $400.00
Pechauer Unique 4 Point Turqoise Stain Pool Cue
Item - P05UT
The Pechauer Uniques P05UT pool cue has Birdseye Maple blue stained forearm...
$500.00 $400.00
Pechauer Unique Turqoise Diamond Pool Cue
Item - JP5U
Pechauer Unique JP05U pool cue has a light stained Birdseye Maple forearm and...
$400.00 $320.00
Pechauer Unique 5 Point Turquoise Pool Cue
Item - JP06UT
Pechauer Unique JP06UT pool cue has a Turquoise blue Curly Maple forearm with...
$320.00 $256.00
Pechauer Unique 4 Point Blue Pool Cue
Item - JP09UBL
The Pechauer JP09UBL pool cue has a blue stained Curly Maple forearm with 4...
$360.00 $288.00
Pechauer Unique 6 Point Gold Pearl Pool Cue
Item - JP10U
Pechauer Uniques JP10U pool cue has a No stain Birdseye Maple forearm with 6...
$380.00 $304.00
Pechauer Unique Crown Jewel Pool Cue
Item - P11CU
Pechauer Unique P11CU has a Rosewood stained Birdseye Maple forearm with 5...
$790.00 $632.00
Pechauer Unique JP13UBK Pool Cue
Item - JP13UBK
Pechauer Unique JP13UBK pool cue is a black Maple forearm and butt sleeve...
$370.00 $296.00
What Our Customers Have To Say
"Dear Seybert's, Thanks so much for everything. It took only about 60 hours from the time I ordered my cue and paid for it to have it at my door, seemingly in perfect order and waiting for my first chance to play with it. Thought I was going to have to wait for a couple of weeks, instead it was only a few days. Will definitely do business with yo..."

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