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3/8 x 10 | Pechauer Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft

3/8 x 10  | Pechauer Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft
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The Pechauer Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft designed for deadly accuracy, is a marvel of innovation and engineering. The Rogue shaft breaks the pattern of standard carbon shafts by coupling carbon-fiber technology with high tensile aramid fiber, making this our most accurate shaft yet. The Pechauer Rogue Carbon Fiber Shaft comes in 3 different diameters 12.4mm, 12.8mm, and 11.8mm as well as 29" or 30".

Product ID : PSROG10
Product ID: PSROG10
Default Tip: Pechauer Gold Medium
Shaft Type: Pechauer Rouge Carbon Fiber Shaft
Joint Type: 3/8 x 10 Thread
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Ferrule: Juma
Shaft Construction: Carbon Fiber
Face Type: Flat Face
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tomgoh

29' 12.8 Kamui Black Clear Super Soft

I bought this 2 weeks back! And I have to say I love this CF out of all the other CF's. It hits and feels like a wood shaft.

Regarding the material used, I am a little perplexed, the shaft feels more like plastic than carbon. If you used something to lightly knock the shaft, it has a PVC feels rather than a brighter "glass" like sound.

Apart from that, the deflection is very low, and feels great to play with! Though there was a tiny ding on the shaft :/
Reviewed by tjaulner


I bought this shaft a few weeks ago now and wanted to give it time before I did any sort of review.

I got the 30 inch 11.8 with the Tiger Onyx upgrade option. These options, other than the tip, were similar to my old playing shaft, which was a custom shaft that is probably a decade old and I had recently noticed a slight warp starting to form. I had been doing some research and I finally decided to take the plunge and go for it!

After anxiously receiving the shipment and getting to a table, I tossed a handful of balls on the table and I must admit, I missed my first cut shot (badly as well). I soon adjusted to the aiming and I'm feeling very confident in my stroke just a few weeks later. I've been playing summer 8 & 10 ball league here and in the matches since I switched to this shaft, my averages have really gone up.

The shaft hits true, I mean really...really true. It is a slick shaft, but I still wear my glove due to the humidity (in the summer now), but I imagine I will stop wearing one when the fall league returns and the heat/humidity goes away. it also doesn't take very much effort to put any sort of spin on the ball, this is something that I'm learning to adjust to as well. I would guess that I have to put 50% of the effort (english & stroke) to get the desired outcome from my prior shaft.

Other than the playability, I like how you can see some "grain" in the shaft, similar to you would with a wood one - it's not just solid black or really shiny either. Probably the best part, and I've seen others comment on this and I can now confirm as such, is that there is no "tink" metal sound like I've heard with other CF shafts - this is more natural/wood "tonk" or "thunk" sound.

Overall, I am so happy I finally decided to give this a try - I feel really confident in my game right now and I must attribute that to this shaft. Worth the price in my opinion! Lastly, Seyberts has been fantastic to work with - Unless they don't have something that I need, this is where I'll be doing my pool shopping going forward.
Reviewed by ShootFTW7

29' 12.4 rogue Zan tip

My new toy, I decided to treat myself to a toy for my birthday. 29' 12.4 3/8-10 Pechauer Rogue shaft with a Zan medium installed from Syberts. Hits sweet! Quieter than any carbon shaft I have tried but not soft, the shaft hits firm, not whippey nor is it overly stiff... For me its just right. Id say closest to wood in sound and feel on contact of the cue ball. The (finish) isn't overly slick but definitely smooth. As for the taper, it is a very comfortable slow rise, similar to the cynergy but not as aggressive. I would say it's the perfect in-between for the Revo and cynergy but It's definitely closer to the cynergy side. It moves the cue ball with ease and I have full confidence in my stroke when applying any type of spin. Though thought on deflection won't be mentioned to much, for me I feel it has less than the Cynergy. For now the cynergy has gone back in my bag as a spare.

"Great product, & the folks at Seyberts have a great customer service. The magnet on this is very strong & can get hung up on other metal, such as the metal frame of a bar chair for example. I like it a lot. Very handy once you get used to it. I would highly recommend buying."

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