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Pechauer Natural Jump Cue

Pechauer Natural Jump Cue
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Pechauer Natural Jump Cue. Still have that useless jump cue taking up room in your case? Not the point if you have the Pechauer Jump cue. The Pechauer Jump cue was design to allow any skill level player to jump. There is no such thing as a safety when you have a Pechauer Jump in your arsenal.
PRICE: $160.00 $135.00
Product ID : PSJMP
Product ID: PSJMP
Default Tip: Phenolic Tip
Cue Type: Jump
Shaft Type: Hard Maple
Joint Type: Pechauer Pro
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Taper: European
Joint Collar: Implex
Cue Wrap: No Wrap - Birdseye
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by CParker82

Great jump cue!!

I recently purchased this little jumper after reading great reviews about it and I am very impressed with it!! I paired it with a white diamond jump/break tip and I have no issues with jumping with english whatsoever. Definitely worth having in your case!!
Reviewed by Terbear89
Terbear89 bought
"Pechauer Natural Jump Cue"

Awesome Jumper!

Bought this dedicated jumper based on the good reviews. And I must say I am not disappointed. It jumps great, very happy with its performance. I used to use my PureX 4 piece. But this just feels easier. First couple times I used it success!
Reviewed by forewilito
forewilito bought
"Pechauer Natural Jump Cue"

Too Easy!

Tried this jump cue on the first day I received it and was jump banking shots. It is remarkably simple to get the ball up quick. Its just too easy to jump balls now. I have to say all the other reviews were correct and I agree with them completely. This was definitely worth the money. Great product, great price and made right here in the USA.
Reviewed by akrovatis

Simple and Amazing

This jump cue is the best of them all. I have tried Jacoby, Predator, Mezz... This jump cue makes the shot so simple. It doesn't need effort to make a long distance or a short. The shortest I was able to do with it was a half ball distance. It sure is the best.
Reviewed by TheBlueram234

Jump with Ease

I've owned a couple of Pechauer cues. So, I was already confident in the name and quality of the company/cues.
It was an easy conversation with myself to spend the little extra to get what i new was a Handcrafted Custom Quality Jump Cue.
First day out of the box i recorded a video of the second succesful jump.
Same jump as the first just camera rolling the second time for prosperity ;-)

this was an amazing hop over the nine for a 2-7 combo in the side pocket

I've never owned a jump cue before. an may never own another other than this one.
Simply Perfect
Reviewed by marek
marek bought
"Pechauer Natural Jump Cue"

perfect jump cue

After my predator air jump cue was damaged (and i was unable to buy new one as it was discontinued model) i spent a whole month searching for any and all the info about jump cues. My goal was simple: to find the jump cue which would be the most effortless to use with pendulum stroke. Finally i made the decision to spend little more money to get pechauer jump cue. I really liked the design and I hoped that the hype would be true this time. And it was! When I first jumped with pechauer my first reaction was: WTF??? It was THE most effortless jumpshot i ever did! My friend was boasting with his recently new jump cue but when he tried pechauer jump cue he looked at me with amazement and after few seconds of silence he told me: "Its regular cheat!!!!" :D :D :D Yes, that is how EASY jumping with pechauer is! You dont have to use much power when jumping so you have much more control. Pechauer jump cue just owns the air! :D
Reviewed by dcking

its the truth.

I used to not be able to save my life.I was not consistant with it.don't get me wrong this jump cue helped me tremdusly at jumping.light and precise.little expensive but worth the money.don't change a thing on it leave it the way it is.

"Best service I've ever gotten shopping online. Changed my order, ship quickly. Arrived in perfect condition. Had a return went smooth as glass. Excellent customer service. You won't find a better company to deal with."

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