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Pechauer Pool Cues

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Pechauer Cues have attained the higher level of craftsmanship, beauty and performance. Pechauer Custom Cues are intended for the serious pool player and the collector who understands and appreciates the implements of the game and the skill of the player. Experience for yourself, the rare pride in owning and playing with a Pechauer Custom Cue made in USA. You'll soon discover a new level of enjoyment, confidence and mastery over the game you love.

Free Snagg RFID Chips installed in all Pechauer Pro, Camelot and Limited Edition Cues.

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J. Pechauer Custom Cues have attained the higher level of craftsmanship, beauty and performance.…
Pechauer JP Series are built in the Midwest from start to finish by a family that has been…
Pechauer Limited Edition pool cues. Created with the finest selected woods and material these…
The Pechauer Camelot Limited Edition Series Cues feature a highly figured Birds-eye Maple…
Pechauer break cues are available in Rosewood, Ebony, or Natural Stain with a butterfly inlay…

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Pechauer Pro Series P02-K Cue
Item - P02K
The Pechauer Pro Series P02-K pool cue has a wine-stained...
$370.00 $333.00

Pechauer Pro Series P03-K Cue
Item - P03K
Pechauer Pro Series P03-K pool cue. This cue has a Carbon...
$400.00 $360.00

Pechauer Pro Series P07-K Cue
Item - P07K
Pechauer P06-K Pro Series pool cue. This cue is a natural...
$580.00 $522.00

Pechauer JP08K Pool Cue
Item - JP08K
The Pechauer JP08-K Cue. This cue has a blue-stained...
$650.00 $585.00

Pechauer Pro Series P09-K Cue
Item - P09K
Pechauer Pro Series P09-K Cue. This cue has a smoke...
$700.00 $630.00

Pechauer Pro Series  P16-K Cue
Item - P16K
Pechauer Pro Series P16-K pool cue. This cue has...
$900.00 $810.00

Pechauer Pro Series P17-K Cue
Item - P17K
Pechauer Pro Series P17-K Cue. This cue has a Birdseye...
$855.00 $769.50

Pechauer Pro Series P18-K Cue
Item - P18K
Pechauer Pro Series P15-K pool cue. This cue has a smoke...
$1,200.00 $1,080.00

Pechauer JP03-R Pool Cue
Item - JP03R
Pechauer JP03-R pool cue has a pink stained Birdseye...
$300.00 $288.00

Pechauer JP05-R Pool Cue
Item - JP05R
Pechauer JP05-R pool cue has a green stained Figured...
$350.00 $315.00

Pechauer JP07-R Pool Cue
Item - JP07R
Pechauer JP07-R pool cue has a no stain Birdseye Maple...
$400.00 $360.00

Pechauer JP08-R Pool Cue
Item - JP08R
Pechauer JP08-R pool cue has a red-stained Birdseye Maple...
$400.00 $369.00

Pechauer JP09-R Pool Cue
Item - JP09R
Pechauer JP09-R has a Turquoise stained figured...
$420.00 $378.00

Pechauer JP10-R Pool Cue
Item - JP10R
Pechauer JP10-R pool cue has a Blue stained...
$420.00 $378.00

Pechauer JP11-RPool Cue
Item - JP11R
Pechauer JP11-R pool cue has a Chestnut stained figured...
$440.00 $396.00

Pechauer JP12-R Pool Cue
Item - JP12R
Pechauer JP12-R pool cue has a purple-stained...
$440.00 $396.00

Pechauer JP13-R Pool Cue
Item - JP13R
Pechauer JP13R has a no stain figured maple...
$450.00 $405.00

Pechauer JP15-R Pool Cue
Item - JP15R
Pechauer JP15-R pool cue has a black maple...
$470.00 $423.00

Pechauer JP16-R Pool Cue
Item - JP16R
Pechauer JP16-R pool cue has a smoke stained...
$480.00 $432.00

Pechauer JP17-R Pool Cue
Item - JP17R
Pechauer JP17-R pool cue has a wine-stained figured...
$500.00 $450.00

Pechauer JP18-R Pool Cue
Item - JP18R
Pechauer JP18R pool cue has a black stained figured...
$520.00 $468.00

Pechauer JP19-R Pool Cue
Item - JP19R
Pechauer JP19R is a light natural stained figured...
$540.00 $486.00

Pechauer Pro Series P04-K Cue
Item - P04K
Pechauer Pro Series P04-K pool cue. This cue is a...
$420.00 $378.00

Pechauer Pro Series Pro H Cue
Item - PROK
The Pechauer Pro-H has a natural Curly Maple forearm with...
$370.00 $333.00

Pechauer Pro Series P05-K Cue
Item - P05K
Pechauer P05-K Pro Series pool cue. This Cue has a no...
$460.00 $414.00

Pechauer Pro Series P06-K Cue
Item - P06K
Pechauer P06-K Pro Series pool cue. This cue has a...
$480.00 $432.00

Pechauer Pro Series P10-K Cue
Item - P10K
Pechauer Pro Series P10-K pool cue. This cue has a light...
$750.00 $675.00

Pechauer Pro Series P11-K Cue
Item - P11K
Pechauer Pro Series P11-K pool cue. This cue has a Bocote...
$780.00 $702.00

Pechauer Pro Series P12-K Cue
Item - P12K
Pechauer Pro Series P12-K Cue. This cue has a burgundy...
$780.00 $702.00

Pechauer Pro Series P13-K Cue
Item - P13K
Pechauer Pro Series P13-K pool cue. This cue has a no...
$800.00 $720.00

Pechauer Pro Series P14-K Cue
Item - P14K
Pechauer Pro Series P14-K pool cue. This cue has a...
$820.00 $738.00

Pechauer JP01-R Pool Cue
Item - JP01R
Pechauer JP01-R pool cue has a Dark Brown stained...
$300.00 $270.00

Pechauer JP02-R Pool Cue
Item - JP02R
Pechauer JP02-R pool cue has a Chestnut stained Birdseye...
$320.00 $288.00

Pechauer JP04-R Pool Cue
Item - JP04R
Pechauer JP04-R pool cue has a natural stained Birdseye...
$330.00 $297.00

Pechauer JP06-R Pool Cue
Item - JP06R
Pechauer JP06-R pool cue has a Rosewood stained figured...
$380.00 $342.00

Pechauer JP14-R Pool Cue
Item - JP14R
Pechauer JP14-R pool cue has a no-stain Birdseye Maple...
$460.00 $414.00


"Best in every category can't see my self buying any of the products you sale any where else thanks for making every thing fast easy and enjoyable "

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