Pechauer Pool Cue Cases

To own a quality piece of art like a Pechauer Custom Cue is step one. Step two is protecting it with rugged and durable cue case. Show your pride with a Pechauer Cue Case
Pechauer 2X4 Pool Cue Case
Item - P2x4
Pechauer logo 2x4 black Alligator embossed hard pool cue...
Pechauer 3x6 Pool Cue Case
Item - P3x6
Pechauer logo 3x6 black Alligator embossed hard pool cue...
Pechauer Soft Pool Cue Case
Item - PSOFT
Soft vinyl 1x1 Pechauer case. Each Cue case has the J....
What Our Customers Have To Say
"Sid: That Pechauer cue is awesome! I really appreciate the deal you gave me. You were right, the leather wrap was meant for this cue. I haven't missed a beat switching from my Meucci. This thing is not only gorgeous but it's a weapon too! I won my match with it last night and I was splitting the pockets. The weight came in at 18.94 oz. on my..."

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