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Pechauer Black Ice Pechauer Pro Break Cue Shaft

Pechauer Black Ice Pechauer Pro Break Cue Shaft
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Pechauer Black Ice Break Shaft for Pechauer Pro joint cues. Pechauer With our Infused Chemical Engineering (ICE) Technology, chemicals are infused into the cells of the wood, changing its structure for added density and a smooth, glass like feel for less friction and increased velocity. This multi-step process is not a barrier, but a permanent treatment that penetrates the entire shaft.

Average shaft weight of 6.4 oz for a weight-forward balance delivery. This means more power with less effort for a maximum break (helps make any cue a break cue).
PRICE: $270.00 $243.00

Default Tip: Pechauer Gold Break
Joint Type: Pechauer Pro
Beauty Ring: Black Collar
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Ferrule: Juma
Insert Material: Brass
Face Type: Piloted
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by cirlbeck
cirlbeck bought
"Pechauer Black Ice Pechauer Pro Break Cue Shaft"

Black ice shaft

Very nice shaft.. Love how it feels..
Had several of my buddies try it and all have really liked it... The pics look black. My shaft is more gray.. It's another quality product from Pechauer.
Reviewed by dmaurer
dmaurer bought
"Pechauer Black Ice Pechauer Pro Break Cue Shaft"

GREAT break shaft

I'm a Pechauer guy and I trust their products so when I decided to upgrade my break cue I got this shaft. It is, as described, a little heavier than a regular shaft and when I put it on a Pechauer butt it did feel a little heavy and I wasn't loving it. I had 3 Pechauer cues so I removed a weight bolt from one of the butts and bingo! I now have the best break cue I've ever tried. The shaft is smooth as silk, I like the stock Pechauer break tip, and the combination of shaft and slightly lightened butt is a winner! If you like a heavy break cue just buy this shaft for whatever joint you have and you'll be good to go.

"I have no issues with anything I order and I am happy with everything I get "

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