ON Cyborg Black Cue Tip

ON Cyborg Black Cue Tip
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ON Cyborg Black cue tips are constructed out of 9 layers of premium Japanese pigskin. Tips are known for great power, excellent spin, and how it adheres to the cue ball.  Price is for 1 tip
PRICE: $27.00 $20.80
Product ID : CYx
Product ID: CYx
Layered / Non Layered: Layered Tip
Leather Type: Japanese Pig Skin
Size: 14mm
Tip Backing: Non Backed
Tip Type: Play Tip

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SSupra - Super Soft - Hardness Rating 67 - 7 Black 2 White Layers
With excellent speed , spins , very solid hit , perhaps the best super soft in the World .
They have a very soft and stable whipped at which it remains longer than the other marks.
Perfect for players who like a tip with a very soft hit and very technical .
Great sound on the hit and excellent feedback If you like a Super Soft cue tip then do not hesitate........ choose SSupra !

Black S - Soft - Hardness Rating 70 - 8 Black 1 White Layers
It is a soft tip, which gives little spin and little speed the white ball.
Perfect for quick cloths and for players who want a larger white ball control!
Perfect for shooters who like soft tips
They have a solid beat and soft at the same time with a very agreeable sound to the ear.

Black M - Medium - Hardness Rating 75 - 9 Black Layers
It is probably the most universal and solid ON cue playing tip.
Very consistent with little deformation , excellent speed and spins, excellent sound shot and durability.
Made with the best know - how ever!

Black H - Hard- Hardness Rating 80 - 7 Black 2 Red Layers
Very consistent with no deformation, excellent speed and spins, excellent sound shot and durability.
The perfect tip for those who like harder tips but without being too harsh.
Made with the best know - how ever!

Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jcboster
jcboster bought
"ON Cyborg Black Cue Tip"
at seyberts.com

Excellent Tips

I have personally played with the Black Soft by Cyborg for about a year now. I play a lot. I have used and replaced 4 of them now and they have been VERY consistent. For being a soft tip they hold shape extremely well They mushroom slightly one time and then are good to go. I like mine left fairly thick when installed. They are very consistent through there playing life. Provide excellent feed back and hold chalk very well I almost never have to touch the tip (they do not glaze over). They grip the cue ball very well but do not over generate spin. All in all I love them. I ordered a medium for a friend and so far two weeks in he loves it as well.
Reviewed by edep12
edep12 bought
"ON Cyborg Black Cue Tip"
at seyberts.com

Great tip!

Had one of the hards installed and I truly hope this tip stays at its current consistency because I love it! I’ve tried a lot of layered tips (Kamui, Moori, Zan, Thoroughbred, etc) and this is my new favorite. Holds chalk better than any hard tip I’ve ever used, grips like a much softer tip and gives really nice feedback. Highly recommend this tip!
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"Very nice cue with a very nice feel to it."

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