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OB 124 Birdseye Maple No Wrap Pool Cue

OB 124 Birdseye Maple No Wrap Pool Cue
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The OB 124 is a natural stained Birdseye maple with no wrap pool cue. This cue is constructed from beautiful Birdseye maple with black and silver dash accents rings on the butt and shaft collar. Comes with a black collar with silver dash joint with a 3/8 x 10 pin. All OB cues are weight adjustable and with Seybert's Billiards Supply you can choose which OB shaft you want.
Product ID : OB124
Product ID: OB124
Default Tip: Tiger Everest
Cue Type: Play Cue
Shaft Type: OB-1+
Joint Type: 3/8 x 10 Thread
Shaft Diameter: 12.75mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Implex
Cue Wrap: No Wrap
Wood Type: Maple - Birdseye
Warranty: Lifetime
This is a retired cue that Seyberts has sold in the past and has since been discontinued and is no longer available for sale. Seyberts displays these cues for archival informational purposes only and cannot be purchased or ordered. ENJOY!
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Models 122 through 129 come in a variety of wrap and wood configurations featuring OB's Straight Line Core construction and a Centralized Balance System.. The 2012 cue line comes standard with 3/8 x 10 implex joint and are available with your choice of either an OB-1, OB-2, OB Classic or OB Classic Pro shaft.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ag98942

This thing rocks!

It's been 8 years since I have been able to play with a nice cue, and boy did I miss it! This is the first cue I have bought and owned because a friend was nice enough to let me play with his JP and Lucasi long ago. Since then I have bought a house that came with a table and house cues, and playing with those things was so frustrating.

I got this cue with a 12.5mm Classic+ shaft and Moori medium tip and I love it! The feedback is great, it hits consistently, and the balance is perfect. Bottom line is that it does what I tell it to and the improvement in my play is very considerable.

Worth every penny!
Reviewed by rhodleng
rhodleng bought
"OB 124 Birdseye Maple No Wrap Pool Cue"

OB-124 Cue (VERY NICE)

I really love this beautiful cue, with all the birdseye maple patterns on the butt. Love the way it shoots and feedback that provides me. Great work as always OB.

"This was my first time dealing with Seyberts. When I ordered my break cue, they were really fast in contacting me to let me know that they actually didn't have the weight in stock. They worked with me to get another break cue in the weight I wanted. They have great customer service and were very quick with communicating with me. I have already r..."

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