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Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk

Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk
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Navigator Premium chalk masterpiece cue tip chalk. This Navigator chalk is designed to offer more grip on the ball to give you that extra needed spin and control without leaving the cue ball a marked up. Sold by the cube and is standard pool cue cube size. Chalk come in a factory sealed package and has a a silicon cover. Only available in blue.
Product ID : 75-NAV
Product ID: 75-NAV
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 1 Piece

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by jassenchua

my only chalk

ever since i used this chalk, i never changed. i habe been using it for 2 years and it never failed me.
its a very good chalk ????????
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk"

My favorite

Navigator chalk is now my favorite. I've went through 2 cubes so far and I'm highly impressed. And it doesn't make a mess.
Reviewed by ProfessorJ

Excellent Chalk!

My favorite chalk! Applies easily and smoothly, stays put on the tip and doesn't get all over your ferrule, the shaft, the cloth, or your hands. Doesn't leave marks on the cueball, doesn't need to be reapplied on every shot and I haven't miscued even once. I have also noticed that when I use it, the tip doesn't get all glossed over even after a week of playing for hours on end, like it would when I used Master. With Master, I would have to scuff the gloss off after a few hours of play. Oh, and as an added bonus the cube will last you way longer than Master, Russian Magic, or Blue Diamond. After three weeks of playing on a daily basis the cube looks pretty much like brand new.
Reviewed by mtank
mtank bought
"Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk"

Good Stuff

I've had this chalk for about 2 months and I love it. I had always used the masters chalk but hated that it was so messy. The Navigator chalk stays on the tip so you don't use much and after 2 months my ferule isn't stained.
Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk"


I can't compare to Kamui, but it's enough better than the cheap stuff to warrant the cost. Keeps everything cleaner.
Reviewed by coddoc
coddoc bought
"Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk"

Navigator Chalk

First 60 games no kicks, no miscues. Drats on being sold out! Very fine and actually worth the price at least from a performance perspective. Should be available in 3-packs methinks. Reorder soon please.
Reviewed by Quin
Quin bought
"Navigator Premuim Pool Cue Chalk"


Love this stuff. I compared it to Kamui blue label and it performed just as well, but it doesn't mark up the cue ball. In fact, it leaves the cue ball cleaner than any other chalk I've seen. I also don't need to chalk up any more often than I do with Kamui. I expect the piece I have to last about 9 months or more at the rate it's being used - and I never miss more than 3 days a month on the table. This is my all time favorite chalk.

"I Love your site! It looks great! Nancy Hart - Viking Cues"

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