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Navigator Alpha Pool Cue Tip

Navigator Alpha Pool Cue Tip
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Navigator Alpha 10 layer pool cue tips. Navigator tips layers are laminated in a specialized method and using Navigators customized adhesive which will not affect the leathers hardness. Navigator tip are treated with their original liquid on every layer to achieve longer bite on cue ball. Also with the aid of the hi-density premium pig leather compared to other layered leather tip, hitting feedback and sounds are tremendously firm n crisp, lowest miscue rate and will not harden. Imported from Japan, the Navigator layered tip consists of 100% Japanese pig skin leather. Navigator tips introduce a whole new perspective on cue tips, with color dyed layers which when combined will create tips that not only hit well but also look great. Price is for 1 tip
Product ID : NAVAxx
Product ID: NAVAxx
Layered / Non Layered: Layered Tip
Leather Type: Japanese Pig Skin
Size: 14mm
Tip Backing: Non Backed
Tip Hardness: Multiple Hardness
Tip Type: Play Tip

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by prjct7
prjct7 bought
"Navigator Alpha Pool Cue Tip"

Decent tip but overpriced

For the qualify of this tip, I feel $25 is too much.

Id pay $15 max for this tip as it glazes quickly. Grip is great when scuffed tho.
Reviewed by Txalonzo

Glaze Glaze Glaze!!!

You're gonna find yourself scuffing the tip as much as you chalk it. This tip came on a ipro slim I bought and at first I was very pleased with it because it is a good quality tip but it glazes like no other. If they can find a formula to keep it from glazing so much then this tip would have the potential to be up there with the best. But for now I don't recommend it
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Navigator Alpha Pool Cue Tip"

nice tip

pretty much same as kamui! nice hit and feel
Reviewed by cueistdale

like a Kamui

This tip performs very much like the Kamui black clear tip. In both cases, I, at first, thought I had found a dream tip: the magic solution to cue ball control precision. Like the Kamui, however, this tip will glaze and will need to be scruffed. In fact, I told Scott Thomson, the owner of Cue Cube shapers and scruffers, that I was using his product every time at the table and sometimes on nearly every shot. I do not understand the chemistry nor the engineering, but I wish this tip would consistently maintain its outstanding grip without requiring extra attention. I will give it the same "4" I gave Kamui.
Reviewed by Morlon

Great Tip!

The Navigator Pro soft is an interesting tip. I used it on my 21oz Lucasi and did not experience the degree of throw on shots when using English on the ball as with predator soft but when I use the same tip and shaft combination with a lighter Lucasi butt, this tip works like magic. My recommendation is to try on a lighter cue and use your predator soft for heavier butt and shaft combinations.

"I just received my predator 8k1 today. The shipment was fast and the cue looked beautiful. You're the BEST!!! I am happy with your service, and I will refer my friends to come to your site for future billard supply."

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