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Cue and Shaft Hanger

Cue and Shaft Hanger
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Cue and Shaft Hanger. Want to be sure that your cue stays straight? Use the shaft Hanger.
PRICE: $3.95 $2.96
Product ID : JA311XX
Product ID: JA311XX

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Pods
Pods bought
"Cue and Shaft Hanger"

Cue and Shaft Hanger

I don't know how well they work for straightening shafts, however, they work well for storing cues. I use them in my shop to hang shafts to keep them out of the way.
Reviewed by cueistdale

straight shaft

Assuming the shaft will be made of a solid piece of hardwood (and today that's not always true), a controlled amount will be turned down on the lathe as the wood is alternated between kiln drying and air drying over a substantial period of time. If this process is rushed, the shaft will tend to warp. Once it is completed, it should be kept from temperature variations and temperature extremes as these will induce warping. The real answer is in the proper production and care to avoid the warpage in the first place. Gravity alone cannot straighten a warped shaft. Steaming the shaft while using this tool can help some. If gravity were the answer, all tree trunks and tree branches would grow straight with straight grain in the first place. The best answer is to buy quality and protect it.
Reviewed by emily_lim2311

Simple tool

A perfect and simple tool to ensure your cue stays straight during storage.

It works well.

A cheap, preventative measure to warpage.
Reviewed by rackam
rackam bought
"Cue and Shaft Hanger"

This thing works pretty well.

My cue mechanic thinks I'm nuts using one of these and thinks I should have him make me a new shaft but I think we're both right ... I am "nuts" and this thing works.

Rather than steam and flex and twist and bend and pray that your warped shaft will be all like new again, just hang the cue (it helps to add some weight like the metal "doughnut" you see baseball players using in the "on deck circle" although you need the ones designed to fit over a golf club handle as it'll fit the cue) from the ceiling or from a nail on the wall and ...

Wait, wait, wait ....

It takes a long, long time and altho' it won't make your shaft perfectly straight, it can take a grossly unplayable cue and make it pretty darn playable.

For $2, what more can you expect?


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