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Meucci Shafts

The new Meucci Carbon Pros shaft is created utilizing Multi-Directional Carbon Fiber Filaments, creating a consistent spine and uniform hit.

Polyurethane Foam Core - A varied density is Polyurethane Foam Core is utilized and then plugged on both ends with maple wood. The wood plugs provide the player a warm sound and feel without that annoying clinking noise found in other carbon fiber shafts.

Lightweight Construction - Less weight creates less weight on your bridge hand, which creates greater cue ball control and a smooth and steady stroke. Each Meucci Carbon Fiber shaft features their exclusive lightweight front-end construction.
Meucci's Carbon shafts are not hollow at any point in their build. So they do not have that distracting hollow sound found in other Carbon fiber shafts.

Pro Taper (15 inch) - The 15 inch Pro Taper allows for a steady bridge as the Pro Taper has been the choice of pool players for decades. Each Carbon Fiber Pro shaft has virtually no rise at 15 inches, allowing for a more consistent stroke, regardless oF the player's stroke length.

3/8 inch Ferrule - The ferrule, not only aids in aim contrast and depth perception, but it also provides a more stable platform for tip maintenance and replacement over the life of the shaft.
Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.1mm 3/8 x 10 Thread Shaft
Item - MCP10BCxxx
Meucci Carbon Pro 12.1mm 3/8 x 10 thread cue shaft....
$445.00 $370.00

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.4mm 3/8 x 10 Thread Shaft
Item - MCP10BC125
Meucci Carbon Pro 12.4mm 3/8 x 10 thread cue shaft....
$445.00 $370.00

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.4mm Radial Shaft
Item - MCPRAD124
Meucci Carbon Pro 12.4mm Radial cue shaft. Available at...
$445.00 $370.00

Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.4mm Uni-Loc Shaft
Item - MCPUNI124
Meucci Carbon Fiber Pro 12.4mm Uni-loc cue shaft....
$445.00 $370.00


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