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G229 Pool Cue

G229 Pool Cue
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McDermott Pool Cue model G229 has a light American cherry stained Birdseye Maple forearm and butt sleeve. Completing cue is a natural Birdseye Maple wrap section and custom ring work. The McDermott G229 comes standard with the G-Core shaft.
PRICE: $400.00 $360.00

Product ID : G229
Product ID: G229
Default Tip: Navigator Black Medium
Cue Type: Play Cue
Shaft Type: McDermott G-Core
Joint Type: 3/8 x 10 Thread
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Implex
Cue Wrap: No Wrap - Birdseye
Wood Type: Maple - Birdseye
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by NoelVillegas
NoelVillegas bought
"G229 Pool Cue"

The G229

Finally received my order from Seyberts and quite eager to make my review of the McDermott G229 playing cue with the following slight modifications (18.75oz with 12.5mm shaft) to it. This review however, is just my initial impression of the product since I received it.

I would say I’m a loyalist to my 15-year old custom-made cue from the Philippines (19oz with a 12.3mm shaft – originally 13mm) with linen wrap which served me very well in the past and gave me success in numerous pool tournaments and money games. Now that I’ve decided to finally retire this cue, I’ve somehow wanted to get a cue that has a similar setup of my old cue with minimal or no adjustment in my play.

The sole factor that decided me to reconfigure the weight and shaft diameter of the G229 is the environment where I’m at. I now play with pool balls here in New Zealand that are smaller and lighter in size compared to the standard billiard balls which are more heavier and larger in diameter. With this setup, I’m experiencing a unfamiliar feel on the cue and likewise on the hit of the ball with my old cue.

So finally gave myself a thumbs up and after browsing through the numerous and “mouth-watering” cue brands at Seyberts, I settled in getting a no-wrap cue that has a wonderful natural design from McDermott. I’ve also considered other brands like the Lucasi LZC11 and LZC12, also a no-wrap cue (which deserves a separate review if I own one).

Why the G229? Well, the first time I saw this cue, I immediately fell in love with its simplicity in design. Its no-wrap configuration definitely brought back memories of playing with a house cue during my younger days :). I know this is more of a personal preference to everyone but personally the feel of the no-wrap seems very natural to me. On top of that, that definitely warrants a “no maintenance” on the butt.

After a week upon placing my order from Seyberts, I finally received my cue. I immediately rushed into the local pool hall to break it in.

Before hitting any balls, the very first thing I did was to do some pre-routine strokes just to get a feel of the smoothness of the G core shaft as it glides through my hand. Wow! the G core feels great on my hand. Likewise, the no-wrap cue felt wonderful with my shooting hand. Just the plain laminated wood feels great !

Then I started hitting balls with soft, medium and hard strokes without applying english to the cue ball, and boy, this dude shoots great. The feedback (vibration) I'm receiving when the cue tip hits the cue ball and radiates back to my hands was close to perfect. Probably because of the phenolic joint and the red pad that separated the cue tip and the ferrule. However, I guess I need to make adjustments to my shot since I normally shoot with some compensation to the deflection of my old shaft. I definitely need to give myself some time to get used to the G core and probably retire my old cue all-together.

The G229 came equipped with the Navigator cue tip. As per some product reviews I read about it, it is an great cue tip. However, since it’s newly installed on the G229, it is a bit thick to my liking. With some minor adjustments, by trimming and reshaping it as to my preference, it came out perfect!

In conclusion, I definitely will recommend this cue to everyone who's looking for an intermediate cue that truly delivers and doesn't break the bank.

Finally, many thanks to Seyberts for their superb service and prompt delivery. Hopefully I will have some opportunities to review some more of your products in the future.

"Just wanted to thank you for the very fast processing of my order, but reading other testimonials its one of the things you do all the time. I will remember that the next time I am shopping for billiards stuff. Thank You Seyberts and staff!"

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