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Mcdermott Defy

DEFY, the new High-Performance Carbon Fiber Shaft From McDermott Cues "Defies" the stereotype of carbon fiber shafts on the market today. Featuring Unequalled accuracy and control that cannot be matched, the new McDermott Defy shaft, with the use of state-of-the-art technologies breaks through other carbon fiber shafts limitations. Introducing SmacWrap, originally designed for the aerospace industry reduces and the vibration and dampens the noise providing a much softer feel and a quiet hit not provided by other carbon fiber shafts. A super-smooth coating allows the shaft to slide through your bridge hand easily mimicking the feel of a wood shaft. Let Defy's insane energy transfer and unparalleled accuracy will remind you that you're using a carbon fiber shaft. Each Defy shaft comes standard with a Navigator soft automatic tip and is available in 12mm, 12.5mm, and 13mm shaft diameters.

McDermott 5/16 x 18 Defy Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
Item - MCDF02xx
The Mcdermott 5/16 x 18 Defy Carbon Fiber shaft provides...
$395.00 $355.50

McDermott 3/8 x 10 Defy Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
Item - MCDF03xx
The Mcdermott 3/8 x 10 thread Defy Carbon Fiber shaft...
$395.00 $355.50

McDermott 5/16 x 14 Defy Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
Item - MCDF05xx
The Mcdermott Defy Carbon Fiber shaft provides you...
$395.00 $355.50

McDermott Radial Defy Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
Item - MCDF04125
The Mcdermott Radial Defy Carbon Fiber shaft presents...
$395.00 $355.50

McDermott Quick Release Defy Carbon Fiber Cue Shaft
Item - MCDF06xx
The Mcdermott Defy13 (13mm Shaft Diameter) Carbon Fiber...
$395.00 $355.50


"Ordered everything I needed (22# worth) at 12.32pm on 2-23-10. The UPS driver was ringing the door bell at 11.19AM the next day. LESS THEN 24 HOURS! I figured I had a couple of days to take the table apart but I was WRONG. I live within 130 miles of Coldwater, but that was outstanding service non the less. Seyberts must have some pull with UPS a..."

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