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G-I2 Series Cues

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G-Series With I-2 Shafts features exotic woods and designs and the most technically advanced McDermott cue shaft, the McDermott I-2 Intimidator Shaft. McDermott's Cues passion for craftsmanship, quality, innovation and most importantly, performance is highlighted in these top of the line cues. It is no wonder that McDermott Cues has been raising the bar in cue manufacturing since their inception back in 1975 showcasing the most complete selection of pool cues in a variety of price levels.

McDermott G805 Pool Cue
Item - G805
McDermott Pool Cue model G805 has a Birdseye Maple...
$1,305.00 $1,174.50

G701 Pool Cue
Item - G701
McDermott Pool Cue model G701 is constructed with a...
$1,060.00 $954.00

G706 Pool Cue
Item - G706
McDermott Pool Cue model G706 has a Cocobolo forearm and...
$1,110.00 $999.00

G707 Pool Cue
Item - G707
McDermott Pool Cue model G707 has a Birdseye Maple...
$1,120.00 $1,008.00

G708 Pool Cue
Item - G708
McDermott Pool Cue G708 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with...
$1,120.00 $1,008.00

McDermott G709 Pool Cue
Item - G709
McDermott Pool Cue G709 has a Birdseye Maple forearm with...
$1,120.00 $1,008.00

McDermott G803 Pool Cue
Item - G803
McDermott Pool Cue model G803 has a Birdseye Maple...
$1,240.00 $1,116.00

McDermott G901 Pool Cue
Item - G901
McDermott Pool Cue model G901 consists of Recon Ebony...
$1,365.00 $1,228.50

McDermott G902 Pool Cue
Item - G902
McDermott Pool Cue model G902 is constructed with Recon...
$1,395.00 $1,255.50

McDermott G1001 Pool Cue
Item - G1001MD
McDermott Pool Cue model G1001 has a Recon Ebony forearm...
$1,490.00 $1,341.00

G1501 Pool Cue
Item - G1501
McDermott Pool Cue model G1501 has a Curly Maple forearm...
$2,125.00 $1,912.50

G703 Pool Cue
Item - G703
McDermott Pool Cue model G703 is constructed with a...
$1,085.00 $976.50


"Great group of people to work with. I totally screwed up an order for joint protectors. They called me to make sure I knew how to measure for them and get the correct ones. Any question I have is answered quickly. I live in Arizona and what I order arrives quickly and correctly. I bought a telescoping bridge awhile ago. Every time I use it..."

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