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McDermott 11 Inch Pool Cue Extension

McDermott 11 Inch Pool Cue Extension
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The McDermott Extension is 11 inches long comes with replacement butt bumper with extension adapter hole and 1.5oz new style 1/2 inch weight bolt. Existing butt bumper and weight bolt have to be removed with a 1/4 inch allen wrench(not included) and then the new weight bolt and bumper install for extension to work. Extension weight is approx. 6.2oz.
Product ID : 75EXT
Product ID: 75EXT

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"McDermott 11 Inch Pool Cue Extension"

McDermott 11 Inch Pool Cue Extension

Works great. A little on the heavy side for an extension. The new stiffer, reinforced bumper can be stubborn to go in. My extension arrived scratched up in the box...No fault of Seybert's. I'll spin it with some rubbing compound and see if that will fix it up. Be nice if they made a shorter option.

"As always unparalleled customer service. I always come back to purchase my billiards supply with Seybert's Also the Delivery time is better than you could expect. I highly recommend all my friends to buy Here. And, when i email with a question about any product or service I have a prompt and courteous answer. Thumbs up."

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