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McDermott Magnetic Chalk Holder

McDermott Magnetic Chalk Holder
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McDermott magnetic chalk holder. This holder is all metal construction and has open loop on the back so it can be hooked on your pocket or belt. Chalk is placed in the C clip so you can use most shapes of chalk. Chalk not included.
Product ID : 75-PMCH
Product ID: 75-PMCH
Holds: Cubed
Holder Type: Magnetic

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tedpool
tedpool bought
"McDermott Magnetic Chalk Holder"

Good in concept, bad in practice.

I'm a fan of most McDermott stuff, and I own two cues, a glove, and a shaft burnisher from them. However, they missed the mark with this chalk holder. Magnetic chalk holders are a great concept, and I thought I would try this one since the price was reasonable and it was backed by the McDermott name. However, I was disappointed from day one of using this thing. The clip is just a simple S-bent piece of metal that slides around quite a bit when clipped to the front pocket of my blue jeans. It might fare better when clipped to a belt, but I don't like my chalk carried that high up because it can interfere with my cue stroke. The metal piece that holds the chalk is simple and easy enough to use. It held on well to the square Magic Chalk and octagon Predator chalk that I tested it with. No problems there.

The biggest issue with this product is that the magnet is not strong at all. It's a small, simple round magnet that you might use to stick a photo on your fridge. It's not neodymium from what I can tell, and is very weak. Because of this weak magnetic bond, my chalk fell off and ended up on the floor at least five to six times over the course of a four-hour practice session last weekend. It came loose from being lightly brushed by my hand or cue handle, and from bumping the table with my hip. Maybe if you clipped it somewhere on the back of your belt, or a back pocket, the chalk might stay put, but it failed far too many times in the first few hours for me to keep using it. I'll see if one of my teammates wants it for free. Nice try McDermott, but this product needs a couple improvements to be reliable.

"I recently just ordered a new viking breaking cue, case and joint protectors. I have received the merchandise as of Wednesday March 18, and am very pleased with everything. I just want to thank you and I will be spreading the word out about this web-site for superior quality and shipment. Thank you again, Nicholas"

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