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McDermott Leather Burnisher

McDermott  Leather Burnisher
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McDermott Brown leather cue shaft burnisher is a great addition to any pool cue case. McDermott leather burnisher is high quality leather great for smoothing, sealing, and polishing your pool cue shaft. The burnished shaft will help prevent dirt and oils from your hands penetrate the cue shaft. Burnisher measures 4 3/8" x 2 1/2".
Product ID : 750111-XX
Product ID: 750111-XX
Shaft Care Type: Burnishing

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Directions: Wrap the leather burnisher around the pool cue shaft and with firm pressure work your burnisher up and down your working range. For best finish do faster and harder strokes. Repeating this procedure for a half a minute of so before and after you play and after you play will produce a professional looking finish. Cloth Cue Slicker


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"

Great Shaft Burnishing Tool

I use the sueded side to remove and light dirt or chalk then the finished leather side to heat up and seal the wood. It takes just a few seconds before and after playing. Over time it keeps the wood well sealed and very smooth.
Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"

good product

It works good. pretty soft. Not sure how durable yet, haven't had it long
Reviewed by Benjaminha213
Benjaminha213 bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"

Great Product

A very simple burnisher. Works well and worth the money.
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"


This is a very piece of burnishing leather and does exactly what it says. I've used it for my tip burnishing and also the shaft though I should have purchased two - one for the shaft and one for the tip
Reviewed by Mnstrmatt117
Mnstrmatt117 bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"

A serious must have

Under $5 and it produces a perfect burnish on your cue. You need this, seriously. Use this after cleaning your shaft and it'll be silky smooth. I've used this on all of my cues and always will now. This should be in everyone's case.
Reviewed by lmcarthur123

Useful Tool

A great tool to have on hand. It quickly removes buildup and minor nicks on your shaft. After use you will definitely notice an improvement in how the shaft moves over your bridge hand. I lost my original, and was so pleased with the product I am purchasing my second one.
Reviewed by dmaurer
dmaurer bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"

Works fine

I don't know anyone at the pool hall where I play that uses a leather burnisher, but based on the reviews here and other websites I thought I'd buy one. For $4.50 you're crazy not to have one. It really does make a noticeable difference in the smoothness of the shaft. Great little tool to keep in your case.
Reviewed by RaggiI

Smooth touch

I got one of these a month ago. I always use it after I clean the shaft of both my cues. It gives a super smooth finish and I´ve used it alot over the past month, still looks like I´ve never used it.
Reviewed by tedpool
tedpool bought
"McDermott Leather Burnisher"

Smooth as silk.

I use this burnisher on my cue shafts as the final step in routine cleaning and maintenance. After a few strokes with a typical fabric style shaft slicker, this burnisher puts on the smooth finishing touch. I don't use a glove and never will thanks to this thing. I own both the brown and black leather burnishers from McDermott and they work to perfection. For under five bucks, how could you not own one of these?

"I was introduced to this website by a good friend in 2 of my pool leagues. After years of playing with Viking & McDermott cues, I wanted to take the plunge to a higher priced cue. My friend let me " test drive " some of his Predator cues & advised me to try Seybert's to purchase one. I spoke with Rick & he was very helpful, for when I was purcha..."

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