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Master Sky Blue Chalk - 1 Dozen Chalk

Master Sky Blue Chalk - 1 Dozen Chalk
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Sky Blue (Tournament Blue) Master Pool & Billiard Chalk - Master Chalk has the texture that transforms smoothly and evenly to leather cue tips which helps prevent miscues. Master Billiard Chalk is widely known all over the world as the number one preferred pool and billiard chalk. Master Billiard Cue Chalk is sold by the box. Each box contains 12 Master Chalk cubes available in your choice of colors.
PRICE: $4.23 $2.95
Product ID : A12SB
Product ID: A12SB
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 12 Pieces

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Master Billiard Cue ChalkMaster Billiard Cue Chalk is the most popular cue tip chalk on the market today. Made by Tweeten Fibre of Chicago, Master Billiard Cue chalk coats pool cue tips smoothly and evenly for a sure grip when applying English to the cue ball. Master Billiard Cue chalk will not cake or flake like inferior imported billiard chalks. Master Chalk is sold by the box. Each box contains 12 cubes of Master cue tip chalk which is available in a variety of colors.


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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by billiardsplayer123
billiardsplayer123 bought
"Master Sky Blue Chalk - 1 Dozen Chalk"

Master Sky Blue Chalk

I ordered this Mater Sky Blue Chalk because it matches my Simonis 860HR Tournament Blue Felt at home. This chalk is nice. I chalk up everytime I'm playing, so I won't miscue. I'm very pleased
Reviewed by tfait826
tfait826 bought
"Master Sky Blue Chalk - 1 Dozen Chalk"

Very Nice

Color matched well with my Tournament Blue Felt at home.
Very Pleased
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Master Sky Blue Chalk - 1 Dozen Chalk"

Old School

For the price you won't find a better chalk. It was the standard for decades. Master chalk is guaranteed to be in any pool room in the world. There isn't many chalks you can say that about.
Reviewed by JackSparrow
JackSparrow bought
"Master Sky Blue Chalk - 1 Dozen Chalk"

Gets The Job Done At Good Price

Very good value and performance. More expensive brands will allow you to keep shooting longer without having to re-chalk, but i tend to chalk before every shot anyway. Made in America.

" Took the trip to Seyberts for couple tip changes on the two shafts for my Kj cue, went from the stock tips on both the Kj shaft and the Z2 for my Kj cue to putting Kamui soft tips on both. Rick and the guys at seyberts Got them both done in less than 20 min. How great is that!I also picked up some Predator chalk, and yes its as good as the Pros..."

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