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Magic Chalk Tip Clipz Rubber Pool Cue Tip Cap Set Of 2

Magic Chalk Tip Clipz Rubber Pool Cue Tip Cap Set Of 2
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Magic Chalk Clipz Rubber Protective Pool Cue Tip Caps. Tip Clipz come in a pack of 2 and are made of flexible rubber material, and available in 2 different sizes. Designed to keep your case clean from tip chalk.
PRICE: $12.95 $8.75
Product ID : TIPCLIPZx

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by tfait826
tfait826 bought
"Magic Chalk Tip Clipz Rubber Pool Cue Tip Cap Set Of 2"

Nice Fit

Works great. Fit real nice on my 12mm R360 Shaft
Reviewed by ridgwayb
ridgwayb bought
"Magic Chalk Tip Clipz Rubber Pool Cue Tip Cap Set Of 2"

Smaller than advertised

This review is for the smaller (red) tip covers. Sizing is WAY off. They're supposed to fit shafts with tips from 11.5 to 12.7 mm. They’re much smaller than that. I bought these for cue’s with 12.75 mm tips. Yes 12.7 mm is the top end of what they’re supposed to fit, but that’s just .05 mm difference in diameter. Think about it, just .05 mm. Well needless to say they don’t fit. They must be meant for Snooker cues with smaller than 11 mm shafts and tips. I offered them to a friend that I know uses a 12.25 mm shaft and even he was afraid to use them. Thinking he could possibly pull the tip off with the cap… they’re that tight.

I ended up using a razor blade to cut a slit on one side so they would fit. So now they do the job intended, protect the tip when in the case as well as prevent chalk from getting all over the inside. At lease until the slit eventually extends itself over the top, as I know it will with use, and they become useless. Then I’ll switch to the standard 12.7 to 14 mm size which I initially thought might be too large for a 12.75mm tip, but actually fit quite well.

If you have Snooker Cues these will probably work well. They’re just not not for Pool Cues, even with smaller than typical diameter shafts and tips.
Reviewed by jamn240sxrc5
jamn240sxrc5 bought
"Magic Chalk Tip Clipz Rubber Pool Cue Tip Cap Set Of 2"

Great fit on Predator cues

Bought to use on a Predator Throne 2-4 and a BK3. It fits great on both cues. Will keep your case much cleaner.

"Sid, Jerry Schuryk and I want to thank you for the special attention you gave our order. Jerry ordered the shafts on Thursday, and now, shortly after noon on Friday, I have them in my hand! We were impressed! Please extend our thanks to all those in your company that were involved. You now have two loyal customers! Thanks again, Steve Lancea"

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