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Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia

Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia
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Blue Magic Chalk pool and billiard 2 cube chalk box. Made in Russia the Magic chalk is getting great individuals review about how it applies and how many hits it takes before a miscue. Dr Dave has tested this chalk and has given it a 29 shot average before a miscue on 1 chalking.
PRICE: $9.95 $7.95
Product ID : MCHALKB
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 2 Pieces

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by papa_fox1
papa_fox1 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Surprisingly good

Bought this on a whim, thinking to debunk the good things said about it, and have to say, it is pretty good stuff. Been disappointed with predator chalk and not a big fan of the high dollar kamui. Have used Master chalk most of 30 plus years and it's likely that this will replace it. Just shot three games without having to chalk. Still, I'm a person that chalks at least every other shot and most certainly on the money ball shot. This chalk holds on the tip very well and covers fantastic. I would not be afraid to recommend it. Goes on jump/break tips nicely, as well.
Reviewed by ss5549
ss5549 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Apply well

It is a product with few Q. mises and good value for money.
Reviewed by REddings
REddings bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"


I had high hopes for this chalk. All I ever heard was how awesome it was. For me it didn't live up to it's expectation. Might be just me but Masters seems better.
Reviewed by CParker82
CParker82 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Awesome quality chalk!

I purchased this chalk due to having several friends suggest it and I was not disappointed whatsoever! It adheres really well and the reside left on my hand and cue ferrule is little to none. I can tell it's going to hold up for a long time!
Reviewed by tedpool
tedpool bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Ridiculously Long Lasting!

I bought six cubes of Magic Chalk from Seyberts over a year and a half ago and haven't even gone through four of them yet, which includes giving a new cube to a friend of mine. I shoot pool for at least five to six hours every week and this chalk just won't quit. I rarely need to rechalk after a soft or medium shot, and the spin I get on the cue ball is crazy. The ratings don't lie, the hype doesn't lie, and Dr. Dave's experiments don't lie. This stuff is the best, longest-lasting chalk there is!
Reviewed by r_s_pang
r_s_pang bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"


I purchased 4 cubes of chalk which came in two very nice 2-piece boxes. However, I was slightly disappointed with the chalks as the paper wrap around them were wonky/untidy and 3 of the chalks were chipped in places and had some flaking. All cosmetic but did not leave me with a premium impression.

In terms of play, the chalk is as good as other chalks I currently use but as I chalk frequently, I doubt I will ever test the widely complimented staying power of the chalk. At 7 bucks for 2, chalking after every shot is not going to break the bank and is well worth the extra confidence it brings when using english
Reviewed by rakmskr

Great chalk

I have tried several kinds of chalk and magic chalk is my favorite, This is a no BS review.
Reviewed by mtank

Great for the price.

I've used this off and on for about a month now. It has more of a powder feel than the navigator chalk and I've noticed it on my fingers and marking up the cue ball where the navigator is very clean. Great for the money though.
Reviewed by ljhookem14
ljhookem14 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Magic Chalk - Independent Studies prove its #1

I've been using Magic Chalk for a solid 6-months now and nothing comes close. If you're looking for a chalk that goes on silky smooth an easy & one that doesn't need every shot to be put on, then get this Chalk.

Just search on YouTube for all the studies on all the major chalks and you will find Magic Chalk beats them all and beats them soundly.
Reviewed by nkush27
nkush27 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"


I started playing with this chalk and I am thoroughly impressed with how long it stays on the tip. I can play an entire rack without needed to re-chalk my cue. Well worth the money!
Reviewed by gman1151
gman1151 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Magic Chalk

A little expensive compared to Masters but inline with other "premium" chalk.

I find it stays on the tip well and isn't too messy. Worth a try.
Reviewed by P00L
P00L bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Maybe not Magic but Better or Equal to any Other Chalk

I've used them all except the very newest releases. I was a solid Blue Diamond user before trying these cubes and only stopped using the Longoni when a couple of cubes cracked at about the 1/2 way point and before that happened they were staining my shaft and hand with residue like they hadn't before. I did a bit of research and read on a forum that it was now being made by Masters in the USA instead of Europe. I couldn't confirm it but the previous issues led me to try the Magic. As good as the "old" Blue cubes if not creamier and cleaner with less transfer to the ball.
Reviewed by puremilk666
puremilk666 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

not too impressed

I heard a lot of magic chalk before actually buying them but the quality wasn't what I expected. Yes, it's a premium chalk, but as far as I am concerned, it's not as good as blue diamond. Too powdery, does not stay on the tip very well.
Reviewed by Cuebaldness
Cuebaldness bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Great Buy

I've been playing with this chalk for about 6 months now. Nothing bad to say about it. It applies smoothly and stays on. Even with a phenolic tip that I'd had trouble getting proper coverage. The only negative is everyone wants to try it!
Reviewed by dlyons22
dlyons22 bought
"Magic Chalk Blue 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Great Chalk

I seem to have fewer miscues with this chalk, and I don't get nearly as much chalk on my hands, shaft or on the cue ball as I have in the past with other brands. Definitely recommend this over Master, Kamui and Blue Diamond.
Unfortunately I need to keep buying more as my teammates have been "borrowing" my spare chalk and I never seem to get it back... Highly recommended, whether you're a casual or competitive player. Less miscues equals more fun!
Reviewed by madhatter44

Magic Chalk

I have been using this chalk for about a year. 1 cube lasts long time as you do not need to chalk often. Best chalk out there regardless of price.
This chalk actually makes it hard to miscue even when using outer limits of english.

"JT, I just rec'd the cue and have been able to try it out for about an hour. So far - so good - it feels great and I'm the envy of our pool room. Thanks for your advice and the promptness in filling the order. Travis Lowery"

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