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Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia

Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia
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Green Magic Chalk pool and billiard 2 cube chalk box. Made in Russia the Magic chalk is getting great individuals review about how it applies and how many hits it takes before a miscue. Dr Dave has tested this chalk and has given it a 29 shot average before a miscue on 1 chalking.
PRICE: $9.95 $7.95
Product ID : MCHALKG
Color: Green
Pack Size: 2 Pieces

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ss5549


Chalk is always attached to the tip, so it's good to handle.
Reviewed by t7fce
t7fce bought
"Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Just brush it on

A step up from my usual Master chalk. It paints onto the tip better than using a grinding action with dustier chalk. Don't need to chalk up every shot; just touch up spots on the tip as needed. Provides a good grip on the cue ball for spin shots without making a mess on the table or pool balls. It goes on easily to both soft and hard tips.
Reviewed by Hooterd
Hooterd bought
"Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Bang for the buck it's pretty good.

This is my second favorite chalk I've used. My #1 pick is definitely Taom. Magic is on the next level compared to Master, but Taom is on the next level compared to Magic. That said, I can see an argument in Magic's favor because you get twice as much for half the price. That argument could also be made in Master's favor since you get twice as much of it for half the price of Magic. I think it would come down to how much you value cleanliness. You have to use twice as much Master as you do Magic, and you have to use twice as much Magic as you do Taom. They are all priced accordingly.
Reviewed by timseal
timseal bought
"Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Worth the money

This chalk doesn't crumble all over the place like cheaper chalk does (my hands and pocket are no longer smeared blue or green).
That's probably why it's lasted longer than cheap stuff.
I think I only miscued once with it, and that was my fault. I've tried a couple of crazy shots that definitely _could_ miscue, no problems.
(I once used another of these more expensive chalks, and found myself miscuing an embarrassing amount. So these chalks are definitely not all the same.)
Recommended for all chalk fans.
Reviewed by Lonestar66
Lonestar66 bought
"Magic Chalk Green 2 Cube Box Made in Russia"

Good chalk stays on the tip

I really like this chalk.. it stays on the tip and grabs the ball well .. Another thing I noticed is you don't need to chalk near as much as with most regular chalks.. I will be buying more

"Happy Thanksgiving. You made me 3 predator shafts... 2 for Predator sticks and 1 for a Dale Perry. They all shoot great. I have perfect cue ball control. Thanks for a great job."

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