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Lucky Cues

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Lucky cues, designed, engineered and exclusively distributed by McDermott Cue offer a mix of premium maple cues and intricate graphic overlays. These features give you an exceptional value for one of the most solid hitting globally manufactured cues in the industry. 

L1 Lucky Cue Black No Wrap
Item - L01
Lucky L1 cue has a black Maple forearm and butt...
L2 Lucky Cue Blue No Wrap
Item - L02
Lucky L2 cue has a blue Maple forearm and butt...
L3 Lucky Cue Green No Wrap
Item - L03
Lucky L3 cue has a green Maple forearm and butt...
L5 Lucky Cue Red No Wrap
Item - L05
Lucky L5 cue has a red Maple forearm and butt...
L69 Lucky Cue Purple No Wrap
Item - L69
Lucky L69 cue has a purple Maple forearm and butt...
L6 Lucky Red Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L06
Lucky L6 cue has a red stained Maple forearm and butt...
L71 Lucky Purple Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L71
Lucky L71 cue has a Purple stained Maple forearm and...
L8 Lucky Grey Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L08
Lucky L8 cue has a grey stained Maple forearm and butt...
L11 Lucky Blue Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L11
Lucky L11 cue has a painted blue Maple forearm and butt...
L12 Lucky Black Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L12
Lucky L12 cue has a painted black Maple forearm and butt...
L40 Lucky White Point Cue
Item - L40
Lucky L40 cue has a painted white Maple forearm and butt...

Lucky Green Butterfly Jump Cue
Item - LJ1
Lucky by McDermott Green Jump Cue, This 41 inch jump cue...
Lucky Red Butterfly Jump Cue
Item - LJ2
Lucky by McDermott red Jump Cue, This 41 inch jump cue...
L4 Lucky Cue Natural Maple No Wrap
Item - L04
Lucky L4 cue has a natural Maple forearm and butt...
L7 Lucky Blue Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L07
Lucky L7 cue has a blue stained Maple forearm and butt...
L9 Lucky Cherry Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L09
Lucky L9 cue has a cherry stained Maple forearm and butt...
L10 Lucky Red Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L10
Lucky L10 cue has a painted red Maple forearm and butt...
L13 Lucky Pink Linen Wrap Cue
Item - L13
Lucky L13 cue has a painted pink Maple forearm and butt...
L16 Lucky Black 4 Point Cue
Item - L16
Lucky L16 cue has a painted black Maple forearm and butt...
L17 Lucky Pink 4 Point Cue
Item - L17
Lucky L17 cue has a painted pink Maple forearm and butt...
L28 Lucky Black and Green Cue
Item - L28
Lucky L28cue has a painted black Maple forearm with...

L33 Lucky 8 Point Cue
Item - L33
Lucky L33 cue has a medium stained Birdseye Maple forearm...

L48 Lucky Grey Tribal Cue
Item - L48
Lucky L48 cue has a painted Black Maple forearm and butt...

L49 Lucky Wolf Barbed Wire Cue
Item - L49
Lucky L49 cue has a painted Black Maple forearm with...

L51 Lucky Black Turquoise Cue
Item - L51
Lucky L51 cue has a stained grey Maple forearm and butt...

L54 Lucky Grey Burl Point Cue
Item - L54
Lucky L54 cue has a grey maple burl with b lack and white...
L55 Lucky Blue Burl Point Cue
Item - L55
Lucky L55 cue has a blue maple burl with black and white...
L59 Lucky Purple Cue
Item - L59
Lucky L59 cue is a purple with silver overlay decals on...

L65 Lucky Leprechaun Cue
Item - L65
Lucky L65 cue is black with yellow and green overlay...

L74 Lucky white 8 Point Cue
Item - L74
Lucky L74 cue is white with 8 point turquoise and black...

L75 Lucky White 4 Point Cue
Item - L75
Lucky L75 cue is white with 4 points and grey stained no...

L76 Lucky Hard Rock Maple 8 Point Cue
Item - L76
Lucky L76 cue is hard rock maple with 8 point...


"I'd like to thank Kory and Seybert's staff for keeping their word about price matching and making it happen. Thanks also for shipping free and fast. All of my future billiard supplies will come from Seybert's...period! FJM "

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