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Lucasi L-2000JC Jump Cue

Lucasi L-2000JC Jump Cue
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The Lucasi jump cue is equiped with a quick release joint, extra light butt and super hard bake lite tip for effortless jumping.
PRICE: $173.93 $156.54

Product ID : L2000JC
Product ID: L2000JC
Default Tip: Phenolic Tip
Cue Type: Jump
Shaft Type: Hard Maple
Joint Type: Turbo Lock
Shaft Diameter: 14mm
Shaft Taper: Gradual Rise Pro Taper
Joint Collar: Wood to Wood
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ronis
ronis bought
"Lucasi L-2000JC Jump Cue"

Brilliant jump cue

I've tried several jump cues some years ago and this one was the best by far. It jumps the balls with ease and control. Never needed to change a tip. IMHO it's great as it is. Highly recommended purchase!
Reviewed by [email protected]

Lucasi Jump

When I decided to add a Jump Cue to my arsenal, I was originally going to buy the Predator Air Jump, but it was out of my price range at the time. My next option was Lucasi's Air Hog, but the shop owner told me that the butterfly spice jump cue was just as effective as the other composite material jump cues, and she did a demo for me on her store table. I was allowed to try a few legal jump shots, and sure enough, I was popping the cue ball over the obstructing object balls we had set up, left and right! It cost much less than the premium label jump cues I was looking at, and to this day, gets the job done when opponents play safeties against me. The only problem I had with it is that the manufacturer tip popped off shortly after I had purchased and started using it, but since it popped off cleanly, I simply replaced it with a thicker phenolic tip, and now I'm ready to jump my opponents suite of balls, weather they're short or long shots!
Reviewed by jeffb78

As good as it gets

I see more of these jump cues being used than any other in my area, and I have owned one myself. They jump with ease and won't put a big dent in your pocket either. Comes stock with a phenolic tip but I tried one with a G10 tip and it was scary easy to jump with. Even out of the box you will not have any problems jumping full balls that are only a few inches apart. Quick release joint is also a nice touch, only taking a few seconds to put it together. Cant go wrong on this deal for a great jump cue.

"Dear Rick, First, I would like to say thank you for a super fast processing time of my order exchanged. I received my limited edition P3 black with wrap, and the cue looks gorgeous with the gold Old English font engraving on it (God Bless America). Secondly, I would like to congratulate you that you have a nice group of employees with you, ..."

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