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Lucasi L-2000JB1

Lucasi L-2000JB1
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The L-2000JB1 Lucasi Jump/Break pool cue is made of natural super maple with a black and white wrap. Both joints are uni-loc.
PRICE: $463.36 $417.02

Product ID : L2000JB1
Product ID: L2000JB1
Default Tip: Phenolic Tip
Cue Type: Jump/Break
Shaft Type: Hard Maple
Joint Type: Uni-Loc Quick
Shaft Diameter: 13mm
Shaft Length: 29 Inch
Shaft Taper: European
Joint Collar: Stainless
Cue Wrap: Irish Linen Wrap
Wood Type: Maple - Birdseye
Warranty: Lifetime

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by MrEJuggalo

Lucasi you cant go wrong

got this cue for xmas gift couldnt wait to go out and break with it so i fould a bar that was open and got a few friends to have some fun trying it out....Break like a champ even with out the phenolic tips
Reviewed by pato4life

lucasi l-2000jb1

I have one of this cue and i think it was one of the best decisions i've ever made in buying a jump/break cue. This cue breaks well and my joints come apart very easily,but the main reason is that this cue is 4 cues in one for me, it's a breaker,jump cue,i can use the bottom part of the cue with a shaft like a short cue,but the best part is that i would often use the butt with my matching lucasi hybrid shaft whenever i'm gambling, it plays well and i don't have to keep changing cues all the time. Rishi..Trinidad.
Reviewed by vupham

It's an okay cue

This Lucasi cue is pretty good consider that it has both wraps when used for breaking and jumping besides from that there is not really anything worth mentioning. The joints on the one that I have came defective required some tough handling to attached as well as detached the pieces.

"Seybert's customer service is amazing! One of the best buying experiences I have ever had across any industry."

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