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Kamui VUE Clear Bridge Head

Kamui VUE Clear Bridge Head
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The KAMUI VUE clear bridge head is a precision machined and individually polished piece of tough acrylic WITH NO SHARP EDGES. OPTICALLY PERFECT CLARITY to see through the bridge to view the cue tip in relation to the cue ball when necessary, as in a high jacked-up shot over obstacle balls. A case is provided to maintain this polish and transparency when stored in the cue case. The bridge is assembled for the right handed player with the larger 13.5mm grommet opening, identified with the RAISED RIDGE, facing the player. To convert the bridge for left handed use remove the rubber grommet and install it in reverse so the low side of the bridge is to the left.
Product ID : KVUE
Product ID: KVUE

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by Bob Farr
Bob Farr bought
"Kamui VUE Clear Bridge Head"

Kamui VUE Clear Brudge Head

I thought "Wow $40 for a bridge head". Bought it anyway and it is absolutely the best bridge head I've ever used. If the price doesn't bother you I say "Buy, Buy, Buy". Otherwise just use the Moose Head bridge. Smooth as can be and no bothersome screeching that you hear with some of the leather bridgeheads.
Reviewed by wwarriner

Good product but need tweaking

This product is very well made and I liked that the bridge is clear and easy on the shaft. BUT functionally I found it inferior to the moose head bridge. There is not enough variability between the different heights, I found the low setting to be a bit low and the higher settings too high for many situations.

Back to the moose head .....


"Sid I just would like to let you know how an excellent business you've been doing. I'm very delighted with my new L13U Lucasi Cue, perfect balance and alignment, excellent detailed art work and a nice suede case that comes with it (even though I don't use it), you should tell the customer how great of a deal to do business with you guys. With..."

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