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Kamui ROKU Blue Pool Chalk 1 Piece

Kamui ROKU Blue Pool Chalk 1 Piece
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Kamui ROKU blue chalk is a much-awaited technologically advanced pool cue chalk is finally here. Imagine having the ability of the KAMUI Chalk.98B or 1.21B but without the mess on the cue ball. And without the mess on the felt. NO MORE SKIDDING. Chalk is in a hexagon shape and each piece is hand made.
Color: Blue
Pack Size: 1 Piece

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by beclark1

Worth the price

I know, $25 bucks for a cube of chalk is steep, but I can assure you, it lasts forever. I play a minimum of three nights a week, and chalk prior to every shot, this still shows minimal wear. No mess, or residue all over the balls and tables like the other Kamui chalks.
As far as applying to a phenolic break tip? No issues. Use the ancient pool hall trick: Breath on the tip. Your breath will condensate on the phenolic, and it will take the chalk easily.
Reviewed by ap2ryp
ap2ryp bought
"Kamui ROKU Blue Pool Chalk 1 Piece"

nice chalk

doesnt make a mess like the old ones
Reviewed by vsmavs23

Overpriced very similar to predator chalk.

When I buy a chalk I expect it to go on a break tip, I tried it on 3 different break tips and it doesn't hold it really. I have to say the old kamui chalk was so easy to apply to a any tip. I hope they modify that because this chalk imo is worth 10 bucks.

"placed my first order with Seyberts on Monday had Items by Thursday, exactly what I ordered, was updated all the way from start to finish, 1 item I wanted was N/A and about 10 minutes after I placed my order I received a call from Don to go over this, that alone will keep me coming back. Thanks!"

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