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Kamui Black Pool Billiard Glove Left Hand

Kamui Black Pool Billiard Glove Left Hand
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Kamui Black pool / billiard glove. Made of quick-drying fabric so that you can have smooth strokes, accurate shooting, and speed regardless of sweaty hands. Made of smooth, stretchable fabric so you can have a comfortable fit on your hand, even when playing for a long time. Anti-slip pad attached to the palm, supports a more stable bridge and allows you more confidence in your game. LEFT HAND GLOVE GOES ON LEFT HAND
Color: Black
For What Hand: For Left Hand
Glove Padding: Yes
Glove Style: 3 Finger Open
Securing Method: Velcro

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by [email protected]
[email protected] bought
"Kamui Black Pool Billiard Glove Left Hand"

Fits very well

I ordered this glove in size large... fits perfectly (snug, no slack but comfortable). I rarely use a glove, but in the dog days of summer, it is very helpful.
Reviewed by Orion21

Good and Terrible

My favorite fitting and feeling glove. I felt the predator fingers were a little short. However, i have had 2 and both ripped in a matter of weeks. The second one i was consciously careful when taking it on and off, and it ripped anyway. Can't keep shelling out the $$$$.
Reviewed by thedirtybird
thedirtybird bought
"Kamui Black Pool Billiard Glove Left Hand"

Great glove

I've tried several different brands of gloves and Kamui is the best so far. The leather pads are great and the overall durability of the glove seems good. I had a predator glove that started getting holes in the finger tips after 2 weeks and the rubber padding on the palm started rubbing off and leaving little black pieces all over my table. Kamui is the way to go.
Reviewed by jnewstrom

Decent product

The glove does the job. It was a little tight at first but eventually stretched a little... but not to the point where it is saggy.
Reviewed by Jangelo
Jangelo bought
"Kamui Black Pool Billiard Glove Left Hand"

Not worth the money

So after playing with this glove just a few times, the mesh material that covers the palm of my hand ripped. For the money & the rep of the company, I expected better.
Reviewed by arcline11

I like it

Was using a Molinari glove and found the fingers to be too short. This glove (on my medium hand) has the fingers covered almost to the tips and I no longer have to pull the fingers down when shooting off the rail. Overall quality is high. I'm very happy with the glove.
Reviewed by AlexanderL
AlexanderL bought
"Kamui Black Pool Billiard Glove Left Hand"

Not worth the cost

The quality is evident, it's a well made product and it feels good and tight.
However the missing tips are uncomfortable, the fingers aren't long enough and I keep having to push them down. Better to just have covered finger tips

"I called Seybert and Justin answered the phone, and the help I received was fantastic. I called with a list of questions (criteria) of what I wanted in a new cue, and I got just the direction I was hoping to get. If you are looking to buy a cue, but don't know exactly what you're looking for, call him. He's great!"

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